Agave syrup: healthy sweetener, or metabolic disaster?

  1. Agave syrup: healthy sweetener, or metabolic disaster?

    Is agave syrup really better than sugar? It's marketed as being healthier and having a lower glycemic index, but after snooping around, I see it's 50-90% highly processed fructose. I even read it has the highest concentration of fructose of any plant. this seems bad to me, as fructose really is one of the poorest sweeteners around, in high quantities, like hfcs, or apparently agave.

    Anyone have input?

  2. I used to use it in a homeade protein bar yrs back, i made it with chocolate protein, agave nectar, oats and peanut butter.

    It was great for lean bulks and was the perfect sweetner, honey made that particular bar far too sweet.

    Hope that helps for what its worth.

    Currently i save fructose for helping me get in my potassium at a 1:5 ratio to sodium (family history high blood pressure), so I only consume fruits.juices rather than agave nectar or other fructose based sweetners.

  3. I use stevia, it is an all natrual extract from a plant. It is about 10 times sweeter than refined sugar but has a bit of an aftertaste that you can get used to. It has almost no carbs and is a great, healthy sweetner. Try it.

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