JUST OUT!!! - TNT Stackô (Testosterone Complex) - By: NutraPlanet

  1. JUST OUT!!! - TNT Stackô (Testosterone Complex) - By: NutraPlanet

    TNT Stackô (Testosterone Complex) By: NutraPlanet

    TNT Stackô The Most Comprehensive All Natural Testosterone Amplifier...PERIOD!

    Yeah we know, there are an abundance of "Test Boosters" on the market, but what separates the TNT Stackô from the rest of the herd of products out there? Proven results backed by science. We're not touting some theoretical compound based off of voodoo magic here, we're talking about extensively studied ingredients that are proven to send your testosterone levels soaring! Ready to feel the surge of maximum male potential? Read on...

    The problem with most of the test boosters on the market today is that it's either comprised of worthless ingredients, has a kitchen sink formula with ineffective amounts, or even worse contains anabolic compounds that actually suppress your natural testosterone. The TNT Stackô is comprised of several key ingredients at therapeutic doses from all natural herbal actives; and increases your body's own total and free circulating T-levels.

    Don't be fooled by products that spike your testosterone levels but doesn't increase free testosterone activity. That's like having a Lamborghini and revving it up in neutral. The TNT Stackô gives you true increases in T-levels and frees up bound testosterone to give you optimal results you can feel.
    So who can benefit from the massive results of the TNT Stackô?

    * Those who want to naturally increase their male potential for an overall feeling of vitality and wellness.
    * Athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to naturally increase lean mass without the use of anabolics or other banned substances.
    * Lifters who want to "detonate" their PCT after a cycle with a TRUE non suppressive test booster.
    * Men Looking to Increase Sexual Prowess and Libido.

    Are you ready to feel the true Alpha Male surge? Get the real world results of a Total Natural Testosterone overhaul and kick your T-levels in overdrive with the TNT Stackô exclusively at NutraPlanet!

    What's In the TNT Stackô?

    * Trans-Resveratrol 98%
    * Nettle Root Extract containing 95% 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran
    * Fadogia Agrestis PE

    Trans-Resveratrol 98%

    Trans-Resveratrol is quickly becoming the next big thing in nutritional supplementation. Renown for its purported effects of supporting healthy testosterone in men, this amazing compound can effectively block estrogen receptors, rendering the circulating estrogen in your body worthless. The net result therefore, is a more pronounced effect from your own circulating testosterone.

    Nettle Root Extract 95%

    In 1995, a paper was first published proving that special constituents found in nettle root were effective SHBG inhibitors of cell membranes. In subsequent studies, the unique constitute of 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran was isolated from nettle root and was found to have SHBG binding properties categorized as "remarkable".

    This SHGB is important because the process in turn frees up more of the body's testosterone, converting bound testosterone to bio-available testosterone. By making your body's own testosterone "available" to do it's job, you can experience increases in lean muscle mass coupled with a decrease in body fat levels, an increase in libido and an increased sense of overall well-being.

    Fadogia Agrestis PE

    Fadogia is an amazing herb indigenous to Africa that has been used for hundreds of years as a male aphrodisiac. Recent university studies show that Fadogia has the ability to significantly increase testosterone up to SIX TIMES that of a control group! Fadogia works differently from "old school" test boosters, in that it has the unique ability to increase the productiveness of the testes through increased testicular cholesterol, which is the building block and direct precursor of testosterone.

  2. $59.99!!!

  3. I was mid-post when I saw this lol!

    TNT is what we're talking about. Some possible additional stacking options:
    Fenugreek Powder 50% (100 grams) By: NutraPlanet , Take 2-3g/day.

    ZMA- e.g. ZMA (180 caps) By: PrimaForce

    Aromatase Inhibitor: 6-OXO (180 caps) By: ErgoPharm , Formestane (If you can find it!) etc.

    59.99 is an unbelievable price guys, and the supplies are very limited! The Divanil and TRez alone are worth that much, I don't think this will last long at all.

  4. I would have prefered any other fadogia supp after the complaints of unfilled caps. Regardless, solid price/great deal, and I'm glad I predicted the multiple bottles including t rez and divanex while some had guessed an all in one formula (I didnt guess the t force though)

  5. I thought this was going to be a Nutra staple supplement like the Divanex!

    Might have to pick some of this up. Is biopriene added or anything of that nature!?

    EDIT: I'm an idiot, I thought this was under Nutra's line of products and all in one bottle.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TommyTuffGuy View Post
    I thought this was going to be a Nutra staple supplement like the Divanex!

    Might have to pick some of this up. Is biopriene added or anything of that nature!?

    EDIT: I'm an idiot, I thought this was under Nutra's line of products and all in one bottle.
    No absorption enhancers included in this 1st batch, but the idea is out there. For some ideas,
    Quote Originally Posted by Hank Vangut View Post
    absorption isn't the problem as studies have shown oral resveratrol absorbtion to be over 70%.

    it's the short half-life (only about 14 minutes) that causes it to have poor bioavailability.
    [bioavailability referrs to the amount of dose that reaches systemic circulation.]

    that is why i suggested stacking it with products that contain things like quercetin or piperine, as independent studies have shown these types of compounds can prolong the life of resveratrol in the blood circulation up to 9 hours.

    some good options for stacking include:
    AI Stoked
    AN Neovar
    NOW Quercetin with Bromelain
    DS Glucophase

  7. does Fadogia Agrestis PE even work. i read somewhere that the exact extract that actually produces the results hasn't been found yet and people are just pushing this product out. it's just like people buying the hoodia. they don't sell u the right part of the plant that actually works.

  8. HOLY HELL!ive been begging and sacrificing goats and chicken to the gods for a supp company to come out with a testosterone product that gives full effectivie dosings of fadogia,divanil and resv.and its NUTRA-freakin-PLANET!granted its 3 bottles but HOLY HELL INDEED.i want to have your baby nutraplanet.

    p.s.thanks for the return of bulk carboxy.

  9. When will this be back in stock?


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