ATD vs Novadex XT Anti-estrogens

  1. ATD vs Novadex XT Anti-estrogens

    I have already tried an like Novadex XT at 1 pill a days. But i want to know if atd is the main in the forumla. Plain ATD is almost half the price of Novadex XT. Please people who have tried both says which one is better overall.

    Like give each one a ranking from 1 to 10.

    Also how long can you take then anti-estrogens for.(1 or 2 pills a day)

    Any other good anti-estrogens you know of.

    People who can compare other anti-estrogens to novadex xt would be great.


  2. from my expreience novadex by far is the best, formadrol is supposed to be good because of low atd.

  3. Reversitol by iForce looks really promising.

    Novadex has about 12.5 mg ATD per capsule. I know that anymore than 36mg of ATD, and my sex drive will be gone.

    If you do use Novadex make sure you dose it low. 2 pills @night should be fine.

    I prefer 6-Bromo for an AI.

    Reversitol has 6-bromo and ATD so you may want to check into that

  4. what benefits does bromo have. Which one is (relatively) safer?

  5. yeah for sure i agree on not doses atd high. It stong. Just one Novodext xt and im good, gives me good sleep, leans me out, recover faster.


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