Vpx Redline or clenbutrx??

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  1. Vpx Redline or clenbutrx??

    Allright, So im just finishing a cylce of t1 pro and am very impressed with the results i have thus far. As soon as i come off post cycle im gonna start cutting. Wanted to use VPX's clenbutrx but ive seen this new product of theirs called redline. Looks like it has a lot of potential. Just curious if anyones used it. How does it compare up to clenbutrx and which one would you recomend?? Thanks in advance to all those who reply....

  2. Well Liquid Clenbutrx is proven and the verdict is still out on Redline. A couple of people on other sites have said it seems to work very well at increasing their core temperature but I haven't seen anyone do a lengthy cycle on it yet. It looks very promising to me. I'm sure I will try it as somepoint but I will probably stack it with ephedrine (as long as I find that it's safe to do so).

  3. Hmmm, thats what i figured. A little bit too soon for anyone to really know how it works. Well i guess ill subject myself to test out the redline. Doesnt have any ephedrine in it so im gonna place an order for it along with vasopro Ephedrine HCI. Ill let you guys know know in a few weeks how things are going.

  4. redline is the goods... I have been on it for 2 weeks and it is awesome.

  5. Hey phil, dont know if youve tried clenbutrx but if so how would you rank redline with it?

  6. I like redline a bit better to be honest but both are great. I would never reccomend stacking tha 2 of them as they are both stimulents. If you take redline go up to 5cc's 2x per day.

  7. jesus, i can't imagain what stacking the two of them togetherwould be like.....

  8. I would not do it

  9. lol, no im not saying i was going to do it. I just thing stacking the two of them together would be way overdoing it. I know how strong clenbutrx is....

  10. well it looks like the REDLINE is almost the same formula at Clenbutrx.....just without the ephedra........
    I would go with the CLENBUTRX....I used that before it works hella great.

  11. I have a bottle of redline and it says do not exceed 5 ml per day. How much do you guys take?

  12. I pussed out and went with clenbutrx, im doing 3ml 2times a day and working my way up. Try starting with that to see how your tolerance is, Wouldnt exceed 2 5 ml dosages in a day though.

    I have used both and as long as the formula to Clen hasn't changed recently, that is one of the finest products IMO. I am using Spirosome (IDS) and Redline right now, I am taking ungodly amount and not getting half the rush of Clen. I will not buy Red again---- go with Clen!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I tried Redline at the O and felt like utter ****. I felt nauseous and shaky, like I was having a major bloodsugar crash.
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  15. YEAH bro the CLEN is the **** man it works great..........

    workouts were great and the fat fell off.

  16. I got a free sample of redline in the mail, not really sure why, guess i ended up on a mailing list one way or the other.

    First, the taste was the most god awful taste i have ever experienced out of any supp. There is no way id be able to get 5ml down every day and i think im pretty tolerant to stuff.

    Second, didnt feel any different than any other eph-free fatburner out there. I didnt feel cool under my skin and warm on the outside like some people are saying, can you also say placebo effect? As far as evidomide (sp?) goes for fatburning, maybe it works but I obviously cant judge that with one sample. But as far an pre-workout energy, feels exactly the same as 200mg of caffeine.

  17. Damn, after all these people started responding....im glad i pussed out on trying something new and went with the clen

  18. Redline is just ****, clen is the ****-- for me anyhow.

  19. I did redline for 20 days and must say the fat loss is great and the product does work. I must say however that it is difficult to workout very hard due to the shaking but I was able to work through it. I can see where people would prefer Liquid clenbutrix as it is without a doubt one of the best fat burners ever made, but I would do the redline again. I must say VPX makes some great fat burners, pricey but they work.

  20. damn, so the redline actually gets you shivering???? Thats nuts....

  21. I have been taking 5cc of Redline twice a day and other than feeling a little sick to my stomach. I haven't gotten much out of it.

    Now with Clenbutrx I taked 3cc twice a day and I get the sweats and a boost of energy that has been running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

    Redline has a better taste but for me Clenbutrx just works better overall.
  22. Clenbutrx without question!!!


    I have used a plethora of fat loss supplements...the best on its own being the old Hypedrive before they changed it. Clenbutrx is very comparable without the suppressive effects of Hyperdrive. Strong, clean energy on only 2ml...I just got done a workout and I stopped simply because I was getting bored...could have gone for at least another hour. It also seems to suppress the appetite a bit to...bonus. I used it by itself and it is quite impressive. Surprised more people aren't on bored. Really drives the water out of the system too...love to sweat during the workout. It takes effect after about 5 minutes and then you can feel the overall sense of well being like you can run forever...very nice.

    Venom Hyperdrive had some interesting sides...one of which was the prostate? How could a fat burner cause this effect...any response will be welcome.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Aviad View Post

    Venom Hyperdrive had some interesting sides...one of which was retraction or shrinkage of the testicles? How could a fat burner cause this effect...any response will be welcome.
    Strong adrenergic stimulation can cause this effect. Ephedrine does the same to me, almost to the point of painful.

  24. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Strong adrenergic stimulation can cause this effect. Ephedrine does the same to me, almost to the point of painful.
    Thanks for the response...what corrects this issue. I saw on a post once Saw Palmetto was suggested...why is that. I don't have those issues anymore but I remember not coming up with an answer...how can you combat this?

  25. don't forget meltdown. it & clenbutrx are my picks by far at the moment for fatloss. cardio is MUCH easier with clebutrx. i sometimes have to slow down because my heart rate gets so high.


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