What supp is good to reduce fat while bulking?

  1. What supp is good to reduce fat while bulking?

    I know this is hard to do.. but was wondering if anyone has had any luck with a supp which allows a bulk but still reduces bodyfat. Thanks guys

  2. DCP by RPN
    TTA-500 by SNS
    Cortisol control supplements by various companies
    Sesamin Oil
    Fish Oil
    Anabolic Pump
    Those are just some off of the top of my head.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. Just started using CLA. Can't really comment on that so far. It's only been a month or so I've taken it. Some people swear by Sesamin oil + CLA.

    DCP by RPN.
    SNS has some new bulk caps out that are great for stacking. TTA-500 + RK-125. Snagency is doing a log on it in the Supplement Review Section. Check it out.

    Those are really only the ones I feel are worth while/justify the money. Some people love Anabolic Pump/Yellow Gold type stuff. I never got into it too much. Worth a shot if you have the extra cash.

    I'm going to say the SNS stack + CLA.

  4. In the past month. I've had great luck with REDuction by controlled labs. I bought it when it was on sale at nutra for only 20 bucks just to try...It was a helluva deal for the money.

    It gave me an overall good flow of every throughout the day without any jitters. Apparently the 200mg of caffeine that is in the red morning pill is time released and is slowly released throughout the day. It seems to work well as far as energy.

    The pea in the morning pill also gave me a noticeable better mood too! ...At least for the first week or 2, and this seemed to diminish (i'm not sure if you can gain a tolerance to PEA, but thats what it seemed to do for me).

    With HELP from REDuction...i've seemed to maintain my 200lb weight while reducing my bodyfat a 2-3 percent. But there is no way to tell the amount of these gains i can contribute to REDuction alone- because at the same time of starting this supp, I began a very strict diet and workout program as well. (with much cardio)

    I believe the diet/workout program had more to do with my results-but REDuction sure aided me as far as energy and a better sense of well being in the first couple weeks.

    Although this is not a fat reduction product per se. I highly recommend drinking muscle milk while trying to do a clean bulk. A friend recommended to me 2 months ago, and I swear by it!

    I use muscle milk as a meal replacement and it does a great job for curbing my appetite and giving me a well balanced meal thats convenient to take anywhere. I believe the constant use of muscle milk as meal replacements (at least 2 a day - 1 scoop each meal/just a half serving, with 12 oz of low fat milk will do the job) will really help maintain a lot of your muscle while keeping fat down.

    If you want a really noticeable energy/fat loss supplement without worrying to much about a diet - ephedrine/caffeine always works too Not sure how good that would go with a bulk tho!

    Hope my experiences helped.

  5. Great advice Pmiller and Irish Cannon I really like the looks of the SNS stack and some CLA! I always want to get stronger, so I hate to cut. Just want to lean up a bit while getting strong as a mule!!! There is no such thing as too strong

  6. IMO for true bulking, the only think would be steroids, anabolic pump or maybe pslin

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    IMO for true bulking, the only think would be steroids, anabolic pump or maybe pslin

    I don't understand peoples infatuation with "bulking" to add LBM. Why do you need to go so overboard with calories to put on size or muscle. IMO, if you are putting on fat at any somewhat quick rate, assuming you're eating clean, you're taking in too much food.

  8. I have heard a lot of guys say they lost some body fat while on Dermacrine, and Derma is great for bulking

  9. The only product I had success with for keeping relatively lean on a bulk was Sesamin. I've tried both DCP and CLA on separate occasions but they both gave me a headache for some strange reason.

  10. Anabolic Pump is a great product to reduce fat while bulking; it is the elite recomposition product.

    Anabolic Pump inhibits normal cellular respiration. This causes increased oxygen consumption and this greatly increases the AMP:ATP ratio. When you increase the AMP:ATP ratio, you increase AMPk.

    AMPk is great for fat loss because it:

    -increases lipolysis
    -stimulates hepatic fatty acid oxidation
    -stimulates ketogenesis
    -inhibits cholesterol and triglyceride synthesis

    Furthermore, Anabolic Pump is great for adding muscle because it super saturates your muscles with glucose and amino acids which causes intense cell volumization which causes increased protein synthesis.

  11. Fish oil, green tea, cardio, CLA

    I wouldn't take REDuction on a bulk, it will supress your appetite and then your bulk will turn into a recomp


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