Best preworkout supp for bulking

  1. Best preworkout supp for bulking

    I'm looking for a new pre w/o product. I'm really trying to put on some mass and I intend to mix the product with bulk Creatine EE. I've looked into White Flood, NanoVapor, BlackPowder, all sorts of things.
    I just wanted to hear everyone's input and the names of some products I could research. Also, if anyone has a good bulk product or mix of bulk products that could be used for this purpose, I would be very interested [saving money is always a good thing].

  2. A couple things here:

    Bulking has only to do with your diet. Pre w/o supps have nothing to do with bulking or cutting (unless you're using a pre w/o stimulant based product on a regular basis to help with a cut, which it doesn't seem like what you're doing).

    Similarly, you don't bulk or cut during your workout. It's the calories in vs calories expended over the course of days that determines your bulking and cutting. So, again, pre w/o supps have nothing to do with it.

    If you're looking for a pre w/o supp, take a look at RPM by Applied Nutriceuticals, Ready4War (or JP8 now) both by Get Diesel, White Flood by Controlled Labs, or SuperPump 250 (I think?). People seem to like those last two, never tried em, but the first two are really where it's at.

  3. Also I hear CEE tastes like @$$. So good luck mixing that with anything.

  4. You should give VPX NO-Shotgun a try. It's the best preworkout supp I ever used.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by JJC View Post
    Also I hear CEE tastes like @$$. So good luck mixing that with anything.
    100% Grape Juice is where it's at. It's not too bad that way

  6. Also look into anabolic pump and p-slin taken with a good amount of carbs, those two supplements mixed with a high dose of carbs will have a more direct impact on bulking. If I was going to recommend a pre workout supp from the ones you listed I would go with the white flood, the big tub is a great value with 50 servings and it works awesome, sick pumps and SICK vascularity.

  7. Ragnarok from mst

    Best prewo formula for the money that I have used.


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