white blood vs nitrix

  1. white blood vs nitrix

    what are yalls opnion ive tried nitrix and should recieve white blood tomorrow....output anyone?

  2. They're pretty similar. I've taken both and they both produce similar results. I personally think White Blood works a little better. It uses a different kind of arginine (AEE i think) and ornithine which Nitrix doesn't contain at all. Those two vassodilators i find to be more effective than Arginine AKG.

  3. I have used both several times in the past,Nitrix raises libido and WhiteBlood gives muscle pumps..

    If you want a NO in cap shape i would go with NO-Limits.

  4. is no limits price effecent?i know bsn is so pricy i love them but just cant afford it now i have to look for bargains you know...

  5. Yeah White BLOOD has alots of reviews, and it's affordable. Can't go wrong with it. You can also use it before bed to enhance sleep and promote GH release.

  6. how that sounds good would it be benfial to take before workout as well.should i take it both before workouts and before bed time?and yes it is very price effecient thats why ive been going with controlled labs lately.great stuff, i tried the samples.

  7. white blood ftw!!!

  8. for sure white blood im so excited i want it now!!i didnt get a sample of the but i wanted a sampleof white flood, they sent me green mag.purple wrath, and reduction.i liked purple wrath


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