Novedex XT and forskolin stack

  1. Novedex XT and forskolin stack

    Would taking these together prevent the estrogen levels from going up due to the forskolin while preserving the cutting effects of both?

  2. yea, trans-reservatol is better than forksolin

  3. Quote Originally Posted by andrew732 View Post
    yea, trans-reservatol is better than forksolin
    They are kind of completely different. Did you mean Trans-res was better than Novadex? They are also kind of different, but they have a similar end effect.

  4. I'm going to add grape-seed extract as well, which will hopefully contain enough Resveratrol to do a little aromatase inhibiting. I live in Costa Rica, and can't get anything imported, customs will grab it. I have to have someone bring it down in a suitcase. But I can get the grape-seed at... GNC. Yeah, that's about our only option for supplements down here.

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