Mass Fx Hyperdrol x2 and MY HORMONES

  1. Mass Fx Hyperdrol x2 and MY HORMONES

    Ok so i'm 19 almost 20. Im running the stack and i feel great. I was just wondering how my natural testosterone will be and my hormone level after i finish this 8 weeks? i know it says i will be fine and no pct needed but i am considering something. im 19 and i cant put a price on looking after my edocrine system. ANY SUGGESTIONS LET ME KNOW CHEERS

  2. I don't see the need to run anything afterwards, maybe a short cycle of Resv.

  3. 19 and looking at supps like this ? Not that there harmfull or anything but they are completely unnecessary. I am traning my son who is just turned 20 last week and he but on 7 lbs lean mass in the first 5 weeks. You are capable of monstrous gains at this age without anyting but protein powder and good diet. I would have to do steroids to keep up to someone at your age as far as gains are concerned.

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