powerfull and deer antler extract

  1. powerfull and deer antler extract

    I've gotten good results from both but haven't tried them together. Would it be redundant or would I get an extra boost if they worked somewhat differently?

  2. Ha! I havent ever even heard of deer antler extract what did it do for you?

  3. Made hin horny lol
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  4. benefits

    from http://deervelvet.org/

    • Deer Velvet Improves Immune System Functioning
    • Deer Velvet Improves Athletic Performance and Strength
    • Deer Velvet Improves Muscle Recovery after Exercise
    • Deer Velvet Reduces Negative Effects of Stress
    • Deer Velvet Enhances Sexual Functioning for both Men and Women
    • Deer Velvet Promotes Rapid Recovery from Illness
    • Deer Velvet has Anti-Cancer & Anti-Inflammatory Properties
    • Deer Velvet is the Natural Source of Growth Factors IGF-1 & IGF-2

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Satch View Post
    And you saw good effects?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by pantherdude63 View Post
    And you saw good effects?
    y, improvements in strength and energy.


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