3-AD + what to stack for the last 2/3 of my cycle?

  1. 3-AD + what to stack for the last 2/3 of my cycle?

    I have started a 3-AD Cycle, and am 2 weeks into a 6 week cycle. I have elected to bump the 3-AD up to 6 caps a day, for the last 4 weeks.

    I have also decided that I am going to stack one of two products into the cycle for the Last 4 weeks.

    I have a bottle of MassFX, and a Bottle of MmV2. I looked at the ingredients in the MmV2, and see that it is similar to the 3-AD. The reps at the anabolic extreme forum highly recommended the MassFX in the Stack.

    My objective is to continue to lean out in my ab area, and increase my shoulders, and back.

    I have put about 4-5 Lb's of Muscle in the 1st 2 weeks of the 3-AD cycle (very happy). I am looking for definition, and another 10 lbs of muscle.

    Any body tried either of the Stacks that I am thinking about.

    I would be taking:

    qnty 6 3-AD caps a day, and 4 MassFX caps a day


    qnty 6 3-AD caps a day, and 3 Mmv2 caps a day

    based on the quantities that I have.

  2. subscribed.

  3. Big Bama, Have you tried the 3-AD/MassFX Stack?

  4. Sorry Guys, I will repost in the PH forum.



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