Please look at the rules for posting your products in the supplement section. B5150 has a sticky up top but this is not a place to advertise sells. If you want to talk about a new supplement you are bringing to the table, that is fine but advertising special deals, prices or combos should be placed in the promo section.

Thanks guys.

To All - Company Promotions and News can be posted under the appropriate COMPANY forums or the company PROMOTIONS forum. These thread do not belong in the general supplement forum. This applies to ALL and enforcement will be indiscriminate.

To All - You may notify staff of misplaced threads by submitting a "report post" ONCE. Multiple reports by the same member is just annoying really.

ADMIN EDIT: New product announcements are allowed in the Supplement Forum. If you have a sale at Nutraplanet please post that in the Company Promo forum and/or the NP forum. We would like to keep the supplement section for discussion of supplements and new products. Thank you.