bulk powder capping

  1. bulk powder capping

    where's the best and preferably cheapest place to buy a capping kit? wouldn't be using it a ton but i figure i can save myself a ton of money this way instead of buying bottles of everything. usually just take the powder if i buy bulk but that's a pain in the ass sometimes

  2. I hated using a Cap-M-Quick...be forewarned...it can get messy...

    Oh and you can get them here:

  3. The board sponsor nutraplanet use to carry them.

    If not there then go to your local organic/supplement shop (homegrown place not a GNC, Max Muscle, etc) and they might carry one to avoid shipping....

  4. http://www.nutraplanet.com/search?query=capping

    Nutraplanet has all you need for capping, good prices as well

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