Recommended B6 Dosage for Water Reduction

  1. Recommended B6 Dosage for Water Reduction

    Just finished up a long run of Leviathan, Napalm and DCP and want to expedite water weight loss.

    Anyone know a recommended B6 dosage? Is there a max?

    Also, would taking B6 while taking DCP (by itself) help with any related bloating? I'm one of those people that get bloating from DCP (though I know many don't)

  2. I've never heard of B6 helping with water weight. Nutrient wise, as far as I know you need to cut back on the sodium/salt and make sure to be getting enough potassium.

  3. could, because b-6 raises natural free testosterone, no more than 50 mg a day, might want to pair it up with zinc.

  4. could because b-6 raises testosterone, pair it up with zinc. no more than 50 mg of b-6

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