Tribulus = fat burner

  1. Tribulus = fat burner

    Anyone ever take tribulus on a competition prep diet?

    One would assume when test levels are higher, more efficient fat burning would occur?...

    Anyone have experiences?...

  2. Unfortunately, though clinical trials using TT extracts displayed a dose-dependent effect on Androgen-raising (particularly Protodioscin), the same effects have not been noted in subsequent in-vivo models. As recently as 2008 a primate, rat, and rabbit study was conducted showing statistically significant androgenic potential; even at dosages practical for human consumption. Although this adds to the conflicting body of data, almost all human trials have elucidated nothing more than aphrodisiacal effects from TT, and no substantial increases in GnRH, LH, TotalT or Free T.

  3. Trib does possibly have a diuretic effect (which could be of benefit pre-contest). I personally recall feeling "harder" the one time I used a trib product (biotest), many many years ago, but I am not sure this is consistent with other anecdotal feedback.

    Tribulus terrestris: preliminary study of its diur...[J Ethnopharmacol. 2003] - PubMed Result

  4. Thanks!

    Any information is helpful

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