question on 7-keto

  1. question on 7-keto

    7-keto is a metabolite of DHEA as far as I know, right? I see it in a lot of supplements these days, most of which are considered non hormonal. So, is it generally considered safe in regard to your endocrine system? I'd like to make use of it but don't want to toy with my hormonal balances for a long while...

  2. I have used it many times in the past and have never had any odd bloodwork. I have had blood work while using it and while not using and there wasn't any difference. I think it is a great supp thats underrated.
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  3. Just curious, if 7-keto is a metabolite of Dhea then the product would be considered a PH? I was looking at Andarox by MHp bc a costumer was curious and I saw 7-Keto and warned them it was a metabolite of Dhea.

    But I guess the question is I'm sure what metabolite of Dhea means exactly.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by footster View Post

    But I guess the question is I'm sure what metabolite of Dhea means exactly.
    It means it's a single part of what DHEA is broken down into by the body, it's sort of like saying certain amino acids are a metabolite of steak, get it?

  5. yeah man. Thats what I was thinking. I just did a quick search and sounds promising. So what do you think when selling a product with 7-KETO? It would be considered a pro-hormone then? However, when reading some research it said it had less adverse effects then DHEA.

  6. Its not considered a pro-hormone. It doesn't convert to any AAS.

    DHEA can convert to estrogen, but 7 keto cant. It is great for fatloss. I use it in a transdermal.

  7. O okay makes sense. I know this is going to sound crazy and I tried a search but cant really get a straight answer. But whats an AAS? I know its "steriods" in general and if there is a link I can just read that would be great. thanks

  8. AAS= Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid

  9. thanks man. and for the info on 7-KETO

  10. As say above:

    7-keto is a "stripped" version of pure DHEA that doesn't effect the testosterone in the body. So it isn't a PH.

    It is used in alot of fatburning products now a days just because of it's thermogenic affect.

    I read an article about it a few months ago were they sad that with 10 times the normal dose it would work best.

    So it would be very expensive to stack at the best dose.

    Here is an other article about it

    Sorry for my not that good english!

  11. Yea its gonna be expensive if you get your stuff from that same place! They carry good stuff, but it is massivly overpriced!

    You can get bulk 7-keto for $3 a gram. Maybe cheaper if you look around. With 5 grams you can make a good transdermal that will last for at least a month. Thats not a bad investment.


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