Thank you Creatine gluconate

  1. Thank you Creatine gluconate


    Haven't been on in awhile, but figured just say had great gains with the gluconate/beta-alanine/WMS. Hurt my shoulder, BADLY in april and dropped down to 182. Now, im at 195. Don't really feel bloated and strength has been great.

  2. Nice, I've been hearing great things about stacking BA, and creatine. I'll be starting it in a few weeks. Keep us updated.

  3. Yeah shoulder is slowly getting better....i mean slowly. I moved my clavicle...doc told me. May never beable to lift as heavy in the past. but i wont give in.

    But now I'm finishing with the stack and not sure what to do next. Really want to try 3-AD.

    Really happy with the results with Crea Gluc etc. It really helped me keep my strength when recovering.

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