My PCT review

  1. My PCT review

    Just finishing up a 4 week cycle of Epistane. I am a bit suppressed. What do you guys think of this pct

    ALRI restore- 5 caps/day for first 3 days then 3/day for 1 month
    NOW-Testo Jack- 6 caps/day for first 5 days. 2/day after that til bottle runs out.
    NOW-Fenugreek- Same dosing as testo-jack
    DHEA- 100mg/day for 7 days
    USP cAMPHIBOLIC- 4 caps/day for 4 weeks.
    USP Cissus- 2 caps/day for bottle
    Bulk Maca- 500 mg/day

    I also take lots of fish oil, multi, vit-c, b complex, and 1 scoop of cold fusion first thing in the morning and 1 scoop pre-workout.

    Notes & Questions: I don't like using tribulus at high dosages for long. I feel it always has a negative effect. And do you guys thing the 6-bromo in the Restore is enough of an Anti-E for this. Thanks guys.

  2. sorry just realized i put this in the wrong section

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