Which cycle would be best for gaining strength?

  1. Which cycle would be best for gaining strength?

    Im looking for some help in deciding which stack to run next month, im 34 yrs.old, 5'10'', and 200 pounds even. Been lifting seriously for the last 2 yrs. and I have done a cycle of Legal Gears Methyl 1-d before with good results...Would I gain more strength and lean mass running an Epistane pulse cycle M,W,F for 8 weeks running Hyperdrol X2 or Activate Xtreme on off days...Would it be better to MMV2 for 4 weeks and using Formadrol or Activate Xtreme for pct? Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will be following a clean diet while on both cycles...

  2. Pleas read the rules for the supp section:
    Please post in the "steroid" section of the forums. Trust me, you'll get way better information there.

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