Lipo Redux/Anabolic Pump/Napalm

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    Lipo Redux/Anabolic Pump/Napalm

    I just got those 3 to do my cutting cycle. starting today. I am doing a Fitday to track eeverying. I have prepped all week now to practice diet and i bought alot of stuff i need last night. Does this stack look good for cutting and on top of that i have size on creatine and gold standard protein plus vitamins. i went to vitamin shoppe to get recreate and or lipo 6x to stack with pump but the guy said that lipo redux kicks both there ass i hope he is right. and i just heard bout napalm so i duno. its worth a shot and if not another 4 weeks i will do something new! ANy suggestions on this or any ways to tweak it out.. I will post a pic and exerciese and my workouts to show u what i will be doing so i can keep a log and the progress of what happens.. any suggestions and or if i do something wrong please let me know! preciate yall

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    Looks like you have an awesome fat loss stack. Looking forward to hearing about your results!

    BTW I don't think liporedux kicks Recreate's ass

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