A good weight gainer and protein powder

  1. A good weight gainer and protein powder

    Bro's what's a good weight gainer powder. And also which protein powder would you all recommend just when purchasing just off the shelf or ordering online?

  2. milk isolate/egg blend or milk isolate/whey blend both from www.proteincustomizer.com

    Add in oatmeal, flax oil, or peanut butter and you have yourself a weight gainer.

  3. customizing your own mix is pretty convient and you know its quality. But will run you few bucks more per lb, depending on what type/quality of protein you get. IF looking for a manufacturer's protein, Optimum Nutrition's 100% whey probably the most popular choice (can be had for low 40's for 10lbs, low 20's for 5lbs) I use that, along with EAS simply whey (similar prices). Others will chime in with pro-rated (fantastic deal for decent quality), isopure (all isolate but bit pricey), and others from sportsone, universal, next nutrion's designer whey.... but i would recommend you getting the 2 earlier mentioned powders.
    As mentioned before, all gainers should be HOMEMADE. Source of fat (flax, pb), 'quality" carbs (oatmeal, flax seed, some fruit, milk), along with you choice of protein.


  4. Optimum Nutrition. Probably one of the best 5# buckets you can get. Its made up of whey concentrate, isolates, and peptides. Also has glutamine peptides and digestive enzymes added (all signs of a quality protein). You can order from dpsnutrition.com for about 26$ a jug. I mix my protein in 8oz of 2% milk, 2 eggs, and 1 bananna. Which makes a good weight gainer for me. You could also add 1/2 cup oatmeal to the mix for even more carbs.

  5. Good advice all around. All commercial weight gainers are junk. The sugars in a weight-gainer far outweigh the protein, and yes, many youngsters with incredibly fast metabolism see huge size gains off these products. But they would see every bit as much muscle, minus the fat, if they were to stick with a high grade of blended protein, like Optimum Complete Protein Diet, or even 100% whey, and got all their carbs from whole food.

    Example: One serving of N-Large 2 contains 52 grams protein, and 89 grams carbs, but only lists 23 of those grams carbs as sugar. The rest are simply maltodextrin. Malto is 130 on the GI scale. It's considered a complex carb but has a higher spike than Dextrose, and acts just like sugar in the body. This creates an insulin reponse which is too high, overshooting the glucose in your blood and leaving you with less sugar in your blood 45 minutes - 1 hour after you ate the high GI meal. N-Large2 has way too many high gi carbs to make it even a viable post-workout protein.

    Best to eat low GI carbs all day. Even post workout. I use all low gi (oatmeal) now and results are impressive. Pre-workout nutrition is essential in keeping the body from entering into a catabolic state and then the need for a post workout insulin spike is diminished.



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