Where NOT to buy YOUR supplements!!

  1. Where NOT to buy YOUR supplements!!

    Hi there guys! I just wanted this thread to be a place for people to warn others about some of the less favourable sites out there. I don't want others to go through what I've had to deal with, and if I'd been warned before I would have saved a good deal of money!!!

    Ok I'll get the ball rolling. XXX.com - NB this is NOT XXX.com who I've had a great experience with.

    XXX, however, are shoddy. I knew it was a bit dodgy when I didn't get a receipt email of the order, and then the tracking number they gave didn't work. Then I looked on the website and there was no contact telephone number or address (which, BTW, is against trading standard laws in this country). The only way to contact them is thru their online email system, which it is almost impossible to get a reply from (altho they promise to get back to you within 24hrs). I have sent so many emails it is beyond belief, and despite paying 5 pounds for 24hr express delivery, nothing has arrived weeks on (not even an email explaining why it hasn't arrived when it should have!).

    Anyway - PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AT XXX.COM (no matter how cheap you think it is, it's worth spending that couple of extra quid and actually getting your order!). they also repeatedly get orders wrong and never offer refunds/returns...

    I'd like this thread to become the go to place to see if the site you're about to order from is legit, so if anyone's had any other problems with another supplement site, make it known!!

    thanks. x

  2. in before the lock.

  3. just simply by your sups at NP and your problems are solved!

  4. Read the rules...and ONLY buy from NP...the best store on the planet

  5. We only advertise our sponsors and on the flip-side we're not a place to lodge complaints about other places of business.



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