Green Mag/ Yohimbe

  1. Green Mag/ Yohimbe

    Anyone have idea why the label specifically lists yohimbe as an item not to interact with Green Mag? Should any other supps be avoided with Green Mag?

    Thanks dood's

  2. separate the yohimbe fro green mag by at least 4 hours

    The Tyrosine & Yohimbe clash

  3. Ahhhhhhh, gatcha...

  4. yohimbine is loosely categorized as a MAOI inhibitor

    General consensus is don't take Tyrosine with an MAOI inhibitor.

    Just seperate them by a few hours and you should be OK

  5. It can be a powerful reaction. When I've used 5mg Y-HCL and 500 mg of Tyrosine I get a splotchy rash that breaks out on my hand and upper body and generally didn't feel good.

    Warnings are there for a reason



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