creatine varieties

  1. creatine varieties

    whats the difference between:
    TriCreatine Malate
    Tricreatine Citrate
    2CM Dicreatine Malate
    creatine anhydrous
    creatine monohydrate

    Idont like all these mixes that are available. I like taking pure creatine with some good simple carbs. If anyone could point me to an article which describes the differences between creatines or could briefly tell me i would appreciate it.

  2. You forgot Creatine Glycerol Phosphate

  3. There is no such thing as Tricreatine Malate only Dicreatine Malate. Both San and Syntrax messed up the first time around on naming it.

    Dicreatine Malate is supposed to absorb better in water and in the body. Don't know if it is true or not.

    Creatine anhydrous is just creatine with nothing else attached. You actually get more creatine per equal servings compared with creatine monohydrate. Both probably work the same.

    I know nothing about the Citrate.

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