Stacking Diesel Test Hardcore and Alpha Drive XL

  1. Stacking Diesel Test Hardcore and Alpha Drive XL

    Just curious if these two products would stack well together or if they are better used separately? I had originally planned on just taking Diesel Test, but decided to pick up a bottle of AD XL too just because of the low price.

    I don't know if it has much bearing on whether its cool to stack the two or not, but I am primarily looking to lose fat while retaining strength and size. I also want that alpha-male feeling.

    All I am currently taking is creatine (green MAG pre / mono post), whey, fish oil, bulk cissus, and NOW ADAM.


  2. First day of Diesel Test. Decided not to take any alpha drive. Any input on whether they can be stacked or if they're best used separately?

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