Purchase samples of stims/fat burners?

  1. Purchase samples of stims/fat burners?

    I was wondering if any retailers can just sell me a variety of sample sizes for the current crop of stims and fat burners. Not looking for freebies, just want to buy a small amount of maybe 5-10 different supps from different companies.

    My wife has always liked the old ALRI hyperdrive product. She's almost out, and I'm sure I can find something better for her out there. Only time we've tried something else was dexaprine xr. It blew her away and now she's scared of new ones haha

  2. Hey contact me via pm or email. We have a few really good clean fat burners that will not get her overstimmed. My recommendation would be either metabolic nutrition synedrex which is the strongest cleanest stim I have ever used nothing like dexaprine Xr which was horrible for me as well. Synedrex lasts 12-15 hrs though. If that is too much but you still want results she can go with the metabolic nutrition phenolox which is for stim sensitive people. I love this product it is very little energy but same form as synedrex. We have had great results with both of these. We don't have samples of them at the moment but I will work something out with you. Another option is the iron forged nutrition synthermo. I know I can get you a sample of this. It is nice cause it is dosed lower so one cap will give you a nice little boost but if you have a tolerance you can take 2 or if you are really stim heavy 3 caps a day. There are 90 in the bottle. Honestly 1-2 is plenty for me. My email is [email protected]

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