Pre workout formulations

  1. Pre workout formulations

    What are everyone's thoughts on these ingredients in todays formulas?

    Caffeine levels...some are getting very high and paired with other stims, in my opinion are breeding users that are in fight or flight mode constantly and never thinking or feeling anything during workouts...

    picamillon, useful or waste of $ for formulas

    nootropics usually choline bitartrate, huperzien a, dmae, and alpha GPC. Useful or expensive fairy dust?
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  2. Caffeine - good
    Picamilon - no point
    Choline - good
    Huperzine - Good
    DMAE - good in theory, poor in practice
    Alpha GPC - good

    Cholinergics in general complement workouts quite well, with the exception of the crappy ones like DMAE

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