oil of oregano, oreganol

  1. oil of oregano, oreganol

    What is the deal with this stuff, does it in fact live up to some of the outrageous claims made?

    Seems this stuff has anti inflammatory, antibiotic, anti fungal and anti viral properties, can any of this actually be verified?

  2. I really think many foods/herbs some supps show signs of this or are better than say eating empty calorie donuts, but you gotta remember, that they don't usually work like actual invasive drugs or actual hormones.
    It is like people looking for huge jumps in test by using natural boosters. Your body is going to regulate more or less naturally how much test it is going to put into the system. You will never see an average guy, looking bulked juiced, that is on natural supps only. Your body will only allow so much adaptation to take place, naturally.
    That all said, of course the more they manipulate certain molecules, enzymes etc. etc. of certain things, the more they can begin have more drug like effects.

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