Vitamin D3 raises test: True or all hype?

  1. Vitamin D3 raises test: True or all hype?

    Im sure many people have heard this before but how true is it? Now while Vitamin D has a lot of hype surrounding it (thanks to individuals such as mercola) and a lot of the data thats available, especially regarding the potential effects on testosterone, a lot of it still pretty unclear and questionable.

    That said, this is the only evidence (that I know of) that shows a direct link between Vit D and testosterone levels (the other evidence out there are correlations)

    Effect of vitamin D supplementation on testosterone levels in men

    The male reproductive tract has been identified as a target tissue for vitamin D, and previous data suggest an association of 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] with testosterone levels in men. We therefore aimed to evaluate whether vitamin D supplementation influences testosterone levels in men. Healthy overweight men undergoing a weight reduction program who participated in a randomized controlled trial were analyzed for testosterone levels. The entire study included 200 nondiabetic subjects, of whom 165 participants (54 men) completed the trial. Participants received either 83 μg (3,332 IU) vitamin D daily for 1 year (n = 31) or placebo (n =2 3). Initial 25(OH)D concentrations were in the deficiency range (< 50 nmol/l) and testosterone values were at the lower end of the reference range (9.09-55.28 nmol/l for males aged 20-49 years) in both groups. Mean circulating 25(OH)D concentrations increased significantly by 53.5 nmol/l in the vitamin D group, but remained almost constant in the placebo group. Compared to baseline values, a significant increase in total testosterone levels (from 10.7 ± 3.9 nmol/l to 13.4 ± 4.7 nmol/l; p < 0.001), bioactive testosterone (from 5.21 ± 1.87 nmol/l to 6.25 ± 2.01 nmol/l; p = 0.001), and free testosterone levels (from 0.222 ± 0.080 nmol/l to 0.267 ± 0.087 nmol/l; p = 0.001) were observed in the vitamin D supplemented group. By contrast, there was no significant change in any testosterone measure in the placebo group. Our results suggest that vitamin D supplementation might increase testosterone levels. Further randomized controlled trials are warranted to confirm this hypothesis.

    PMID 21154195
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Angelbolic View Post
    I'd say it's true. The observational data and the results of this controlled experiment are pretty consistent. Obviously more research is needed and personally I'd like to know more about the dose-response curve. Observerational data suggests it's a linear association at 25(OH)D levels below 75-85 nmol/l and reaches a plateau at higher levels. If this is confirmed in controlled experiments vitamin D might only act as a mild testosterone booster at insufficient 25(OH)D levels.
    Yep. Vitamin D is a transcriptional factor in testosterone synthesis, and considering that "deficiency" is an extremely misused term with respect to D3 levels, more may indeed be better beyond simple sufficiency.

    On the flip side, a recent Epocrates update I got concluded that Vitamin D3 is over-recommended to patients and that excessive levels can easily be reached. All other evidence I've seen on the matter seems to indicate the opposite.
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  3. I wonder what you guys would consider a safe zone for supplementation. I ask because a lot of products throw it in(test boosters) and I normally supplement with 5000iu during winter(not as consistent in other months). I also recall reading awhile back that absurd amounts need to be used for any form of toxicity.

    I guess aside from getting tested to be precise, how much, if any, do you guys feel would be a good amount to consume?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by rob112 View Post

    I guess aside from getting tested to be precise, how much, if any, do you guys feel would be a good amount to consume?

    I would think it would depend on how deficient you are. If you are in fact deficient. It might have some benefit otherwise but I'm still on the fence about it.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone

    I would think it would depend on how deficient you are. If you are in fact deficient. It might have some benefit otherwise but I'm still on the fence about it.
    I kinda figure it would ultimately be dependent on the individual.
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  6. Never enough
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    I started buying fish oil that has 2000iu for every 1.2g fish oil, and end up with 12000iu a day over 6 capsules
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  7. From what I understand, there is a study somewhere that showed the individuals with less vitamin d levels had lower testosterone levels than there counterparts with normal or elevated d levels. Can't find the study though
    Always willing to learn :D


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