Steveo is lighting up with JP8 (And recomping with Recreate)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by raginfcktard View Post
    What exactly did you have done to ur jaw bro if you dont mind me asking,

    That was supposed to be me posting that lol imon my boyomp.s c
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  2. Quote Originally Posted by raginfcktard View Post
    What exactly did you have done to ur jaw bro if you dont mind me asking,
    *****<Graphic description incoming>*****
    Not at all. From a few sports injuries/bashing my teeth I've wrecked my gums. SO they had to literally rip pieces of gum off the sides and roof of my mouth and attach it onto the roots of my teeth, otherwise they will probably be falling out on their own in a few years. So the skin grafts take about 4 weeks to reattach and harden, and then the areas they took the skin from are like big open wounds that he said take about 17-20 days to heal. Makes eating way too hard; it's been omelets, shakes and oat-bran for the past 2 weeks, and for the next 2.

    Just finished my oat bran, will go sip on JP8 and workout. Got to go find that digital camera, can't pull a box on you guys

  3. Workout: Chest & Back
    1a) Bench: 10,10,10,8.5,7,8,6,7,7,6
    1b) Pulldown: 10,10,10,7,10,10,10,9,8,9
    2a) Dips: 4x Exhaustion (Fatigued from Bench)
    2b) Wide-Grip Rows: 10,9,11,11
    3a) Incline DB Bench: 8 (Felt bad so stopped)

    Damn, JP8 should be called overdrive !!! Today's workout was amazing! I was feeling a bit tired after the 2 sets of rows, then all of a sudden I just closed by eyes and went balls-out and did 11 reps twice before I could stop myself. Was pumped with energy, went to do some Incline DB presses but felt "Wrong" like when I should shoulder presses 2 days ago, so I stopped my weights but I felt like I could keep on going for ages.
    THen I went to try some HIIT after not doing it in 2 weeks... Holy @*#& it went well, best I've done all summer! The 30 seconds intervals went so fast by the time I looked down, it was already over and I was going too long! Burned 340 cals in 15 mins, new personal record!!!

    Anyways I'm done with the Recreate, but I'll probably keep this log going for a bit. I might be logging DTH+Sunami depending on what chuck decides. Looking forward to JP8 & Legs tomorrow!

    Here's some progress pics for you to compare:

    As you can tell, the surgery did a real # on my face Actually I'm pretty lucky, all the ugly stuff is on the inside of my mouth, you can barely notice anything.
    Fact of the day: Today's pics were taken in a washroom w/ 3 sinks and one urinal...

    I went from 9% bf --> 11% according to the tanita, although I think the 2nd reading was a bit high and will get another done in a few days. Despite being out of the gym for a week straight, and reduced intensity training I'm happy with the progress, especially in my chest. German Volume Training seems to be effective, and I'm going to keep on it, with the recommend changes for periodization. JP8 got me more pumped than in my pre-photo though. My abs don't show very well because I haven't been able to work it(Not doing Core/Ab Work for another week or so) Perhaps it was the cheesecake, but was light damnit. Making another lemon-lime one right now actually

  4. Lookin good bro!

    I should of posted a b4 pic when I started my log.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jamescho79 View Post
    Lookin good bro!

    I should of posted a b4 pic when I started my log.
    Progress pictures help keep me focused and motivated
    I've been cooking all day (Back to school bulk cooking! Got a whole tray of lasagna frozen ), but I'll write up a overview for Recreate tomorrow, and JP8 as well after what should be an awesome leg workout

  6. Workout: Legs
    Leg Press
    Front Squat
    Calf Press
    Hamstring Curls

    Trying not to take JP8 too much so I took some Blast, bulk AEE, BA and CitMal. Didn't have the explosive energy I usually do, but was a decent workout. Didn't notice much from even 2 scoops of Blast, there doesn't seem to be that much stims in it.

    I was surprisingly sore the next day after legs, I think it was doing hamstring curls instead of my usual stiff-legged deads, and really focuses on the lunges.

    Regarding body fat, I did another Tanita and it read 11.2, so I definitely am up a bit. Going to try and cut down over the next few days with some HIIT, Dialene-4 (Still got samples lol) and a bit lower cals.

    Workout: Fasted Cardio
    50 Mins , 1000 Cals

    Blast & Dialene make this the easiest cardio I've done in ages. Was absolutely flying on the elliptical, and time flew by. I'm up 2 lbs of LBM in under the last month though, hovering around 167, so my muscles were still growing during the time off!

    I'll leave you with some pictures, I'm cooking for back to school. My favourite meatloaf snack (made 4 loaves the other day)

    My 2nd Cheesecake (Lime, and this time the whole thing lol)

    Chicken Fingers (Chicken tenders.Yup thats right..(pics inside) )

    I also have a pic of my 1st empty JP8 tub, but didn't want to make you all sad Went fast because I gave a few samples to some friends. They made some pretty interesting faces while drinking it down... I didn't warn them about the taste Got a 2nd one here though, and the 3rd is in transit

  7. a 3rd already! wow it must be something then!
    SFW and GFH

  8. funny, I just finished my first tub yesterday to

  9. RECREATE Final Review

    Fat Loss: N/A
    I was originally planning to run this with my summer cutting stack, but due to shipping problems it got to me a few months late, so it was on a clean bulk. Despite eating very clean, I was taking in more calories than maintenance and therefore I expected (and did experience) fat gain of about 2%. Due to my surgery/inactivity, it is possible the weight gain could have been considerably more, so it is possible that Recreate + GTE + CLA + Sesamin helped stimulate lipolysis and help keep the fat gain minimal, although it was hard to tell.

    Energy: 7/10
    This product isn't designed to give you an energy boost other than the 75mg of caffeine per pill. 2 Pills (150mg) was a fair bit in conjuction with a pre-WO supp (i.e. JP8) for a stim-sensitive person and so I definitely noticed an increase in energy. I had the typical and well known effects of caffeine, such as increased focus and mental alertness.

    Thermogenic Effect: Not Apparent
    My body naturally has a high metabolism and I'm usually complaining about how warm it is, and you will usually find me in shorts and no shirt. This continued to be the case during ReCreate, therefore I was unable to note any difference in core body temp.
    While exercising, I also did not experience any noticeable difference in sweating. I evaluated ReCreate at both low and high intensity cardio, and was unable to notice a significant difference. I sweat buckets when I go for >30 minutes, and I don't when I do short intervals.

    Appetitie Control: Not Apparent
    The exact claim I was trying to evalute was "You'll have zero cravings for junk food. That's right, you simply won't want to eat junk food!" and "Current users of pure WillPower™ report reduced consumption of sweets, refined sugars, cholesterol and saturated fats. At the same time, consumption of fruits, vegetables & lean proteins didn't change. In other words, it can "make" you follow a healthy diet and make better food choices!"
    I have to admit that I did snack on Crispers occassionally, and I still have my sweet tooth (Which luckily I satisfy using Splenda in my tea). My diet however didn't change, so there was no less consumption of "sweets, refined sugars, cholesterol and saturated fats." The only thing that changed was I cut out some carbs while recovering from surgery, and I ate a whole cheesecake in two days

    Overall: Not Best Utilized On a Clean Bulk
    Due to the caloric surplus, I don't feel that Recreate is best utilized on a clean bulk like I attempted. To be fair to USP Labs, I've purchased another bottle myself and will run it the next time I am cutting. Most of the ingredients have individual merit (I liked the leaning effect of coleus, caffeine is proven to be effective, Olea europaea also has research behind it. Willpower [Carraluma Fimbriata] is a bit questionable] )

    (Overall review of JP8 coming up when I get back from the gym!)


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