Hard Knox's Hardcore JP8 Log

  1. Hard Knox's Hardcore JP8 Log

    Whats up fella's? Just some background on myself, I've been lifting for 11 years off and on, the last 3 years solid. I'm currently focusing on bench press strength and bodybuilding lifts, a little combination of powerlifting/bodybuilding. I've made continuous gains over the last three years and currently weigh 252 at 13%bf. I've taken alot of preworkout energy/NO products including; NO-explode, Fusion Force, Shock Therapy, N30, N03 Overload, and Blackpowder. I just received my JP8 and will begin logging it on Monday which is my next training day. I train 2 days a week doing a total body type workout each day, 2-3 hours per day. Looking forward to giving you guys 100% honest feedback for your benefit

  2. Alright so I lifted today instead of yesterday as originally planned but here it goes. I used 2 level scoops with 16 oz of water.

    Strength: This is a tough one to critique because of the differences from day to day in the gym. I will say that I was a little stronger today than my last workout. Bench press was done with the same amount of reps as last week but with 5 more lbs. Last week was 315x5 x5 x4 x4, this week was same reps with 320, so all in all pretty good.

    Endurance : Endurance was pretty good today, however I seemed to be out of breath more than normal (could be because of the high humidity on this rainy day). As stated before I workout 2-3 hrs at a time and today was 2.25 hours, and i still felt pretty good.

    Pump: I started to notice a good pump in my chest on my second lift which is decline cable flies. Then I exploded on my Bi Tri supersets (curls, pulldowns). I must say that the pump hit me harder than any other product i've tried. It actually hurt for a while, however that MASSIVE pump didn't stay long and I was back down to a normal pump.

    Energy: The energy was steady and smooth throughout, with no crash or jitters.

    Taste: You have to be a MAN to drink this, it is an "acquired" taste. Chuck designed this for effectiveness not to make it taste like your favorite lemonade Haha.

    Overall I was very pleased with the effectiveness and how smooth this preworkout product hits with NO SIDE EFFECTS. I know Chuck had mentioned that it made him have to take a dump, but it didn't bother me at all. Best of all I had no bloated feeling as I have had with most all other preworkout products. Good Job Chuck Another solid product from the Diesel!

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    Good to have you brutha, I checked yours out earlier and its lookin good

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