So i have been reading so many reviews and logs and finally just decided to throw myself into a little test of my own. I seem to be getting great results and so I figured I would log it.
The stack I am on now include Icon sciences 1-AD and testoplex 1 which is a 1-AD, 4-AD (sublingual-disolves under your tongue) mixture. For the first 10 not a hole lot seemed to happen, felt more tired and maybe 2-3 pounds gained. Now I am on day 22 and I am currently 207 at 11% BF, when i started i was 198 with 13% BF (both times tested with calipers and weighed on the same scale). Very pleased!

Other supplements I am on:
Phosphagen HP - Taken several times before
milk thistle

Just wanted to put this out there since I had been having alot of trouble finding something good to try. Keep in mind this is my opinion and experiences. I hope this helps some of you looking though. I will post before and after pics when I am off cycle and on my PCT.