Getting Sick After Taking Supplements

  1. Getting Sick After Taking Supplements

    Hi, My name is Mitch and recently I began bodybuilding again after an 8-year hiatus. I had several orthopedic surgeries that required me to take a lot of time off. Now I am pretty much healed so I am beginning to train again.

    At the beginning of this journey I purchased supplements to take, with hopes they will enable me to keep pace with my goals of getting bigger and stronger. I started taking:

    Mixed in a blender with milk as breakfast.

    3 tabs upon awakening

    3 tabs upon awakening

    2 tabs upon awakening

    FISH OIL CAPSULES (needed for high triglycerides)
    2 tabs upon awakening

    The tablets are consumed fine. I usually take them with Gatorade 8 ounces. I then drink the WHEY ISOLATE (12 ounces 1 scoop) about 20 minutes after taking the supplements.

    Heres where it gets weird.

    Either half way through the WHEY ISOLATE or right after I drink it, I get this sensation of nausea, and then promptly throw up 2 or 3 times. I am throwing up the WHEY ISOLATE obviously because I just consumed it, but sometimes its apparent that I am throwing up the supplements as well.

    This has happened 8 times in the last 2 weeks and its destroying my motivation as well as burning me out before the day even begins.

    I am writing because I was hoping perhaps you might see a conflict in the products that I am taking and fill me in. I would sincerely appreciate any feedback. Please email me at [email protected]. You may also contact me by fax at 800.869.4982. Thank you for your time.

    -Mitch Minchello

  2. well it might be simple... in my opionion i hate swolling pills and 10 pills is alot to swollow. You might want to drink water with those supps. because for some odd reason it might not be reacting well with supplements in your stomach. Just take an extreme case and say you drink supps with sprite... its not going to be good for your supps. but im not a doctor and i really dont know. I think it might be the hydroxy cut, not a big fan of muscletech but i believe fat burners have a thermogenic which can screw with your stomach and end up taking ****s all the time. Your throwing up the whey because its 20oz of fluid on top of the fluid you took for the supplements. What i do is i use protein shake as a meal itself with peanut butter and wheat bread. Easier on the stomach and it replaces a small meal.
    Your body may be healed but remember your only getting back into it, supplements aren't going to get your body back to where it was, its time and your dedication and eventually you can utilize all those supps.

  3. Take your time whether to bulk or cut because your going to get those results to motivate yourself quicker which will get you into the gym with ease

  4. you want 8 oz of water per pill. hmm...possibly allergies?

  5. Spread some of it out, seems like alot. Or put a bannana and oatmeal in the shake, drink that first, and try all the supps. Or you could try them seperately and see if your having a reaction to one of them. Creatine Mono always bothers me.



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