Leviathon Reloaded + Ephedrine stack VS. VPX Meltdown: Results Summaries

  1. Arrow Leviathon Reloaded + Ephedrine stack VS. VPX Meltdown: Results Summaries

    *I posted this on another board today and thought it would generate intelligent discussion over here as well.

    Here's MY OWN personal experience with VPX Meltdown vs. Ephedrine. I realize there may be flaws in my "study" design since there was NO design and never expected to review the products in this fashion. I'm just summarizing some notes from my training notebook. Those who know me on other boards, know that I'm honest and very critical with my reviews.

    This summer I ran a light 5 week cut with 2 caps Leviathon Reloaded + 25mg Ephedrine 2x/day (total of 4 Lev +50 eph). I took 1 week off for vacation and then ran about 5 weeks of Meltdown at 4 caps per day


    -I'm typically sensitive to stims with jitters, crashes, headaches. I had NONE of these issues with either stack

    -My training was very similar during both trails. I ran bodyparts 2x/week each with HIIT off days with Lev/eph. I ran HST full body 3x/wk with HIIT off days on Meltdown.

    -Diet was not hardcore with cals or carbs. But, I was very consistent throughout for both "trials." 40/40/20 at 15 cals/pound with bodyweight in the 190-195 range.

    -I'm your typical ex-jock who enjoys working out for fun. I workout hard but, let's be realistic. I'm not a competitive bodybuilder. I am cautious with with several severe injuries to protect my own personal carrier and livelihood.

    4 Lev + 50mg eph

    (+) Pros:
    -lost 5 pounds fat with no change in lean mass
    -start about 15% bodyfat and ended around 13% per skinfolds
    -mood was absolutely fantastic with ephedrine
    -breathing during cardio was very easy, even with increased TM speed every single session (credit eph bronchodilating effects)
    -very notable thermogenic effect from this stack

    (-) Cons:
    -libido was shaky througout
    -I noticed no appetite suppression (not really a negative for me. I eat exactly what I'm supposed to when I'm supposed to).

    -I had sleep issues if I dosed the ephedrine after noon or 1pm.
    -I personally found Leviathon to be not worthwhile at the dosages I used.
    -I added Designer Melting Point (TTA) at one time during this stack. I was never able to achieve effective dosing because of cramping and gas.

    4 caps Meltdown

    (+) Pros:
    -Lost 4 pounds fat and unfortunately lost 1 pound lean mass as well
    -Started at approximately 13.5% bf and ended at just a hair under 12%
    -Mood was enhanced, but not quite as good as with ephedrine
    -cardio was unaffected for the first 3 weeks, but then I started to feel "burned out" and had to swap HIIT for more steady state
    -Very notable thermogenic "feel" equal to that of Lev/eph
    -carbohydrate appetite suppression was VERY effective from Meltdown

    (-) Cons:
    -libido was unaffected until week 5, when I had a definitive crash (libido returned within 2-3 days of stopping the supplements. Again, I'm not typically a "stimmer" and suspect I was simply burned out).
    -Sleep was impaired if I took my second dose after 1pm. This was a problem because it sometimes didn't allow for a preworkout dose. On the lev/eph stack, I could take Leviathon whenever I wanted for a very mild stim effect.

    -I started to feel flat around week 4 when I added in a low dose of TD trione. The trione helped with muscle fullness and libido.

    Final Thoughts
    -Low dose ephedrine/lev just slightly edges out Meltdown
    -Both were fun experiences and I would run both again if I were seriously trying to cut
    -Stacking ephedrine and Meltdown should be a fun time, especially if a low to moderately dosed AI was added

  2. pics ?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    pics ?
    avatar copycat

    I don't really have any "appropriate" pics unfortunately. This difference was noticable. I've never gotten so many compliments from ladies in my life

    I assure you the bf numbers are accurate though because I do skinfolds on a regular basis.

  4. tta causes a lot of sides if used by itself, this is why ds decided to pull it,imo. rpn's dcp on the other hand is the tta of choice, it comes complete with everything you need for a tta cycle. meltdown contains methylated tta and i never suffered tta sides while on it. on the other hand, i bet the amount of tta in meltdown is very low. i would like to see your results of either one of these with dcp added. just the same celc, nice unbiased review,as always.

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