Chloroldrol-50, stack, feedback LOG next 30 days

  1. Chloroldrol-50, stack, feedback LOG next 30 days

    Here is what Im thinking : Any suggestions accepted, still somewhat of a newbie.

    last 4 days ive had liquid Milk Thistle
    here's my thoughts for the next 30 days

    morning CH-50 1 tab
    1 hour before Nutrex Vitrix
    30min before Whey Shake(36gr)
    immediately after MT Halo
    30min after Whey shake/creatine(52gr)

    I have seen people take 1-2 as the pic at their website says 1morn, 1 bedtime, but think since im smaller i will stick with 1.

    2800calorie diet protein %50, carb %30, fat %20
    im 5'8 168lbs

    I will log my workout later today.

  2. pumped

    I felt pumped at the gym, did chest and triceps, added a little weight and did same amount of reps 5x5 for next 2 weeks been on for 1 1/2. Will go back to 6,8,10,12 with weight going lower as the reps go up. Also siped on some ABB ripped force. I know I had mostly adrelliane going since the Ch-50 really isn't in my system, so well keep loging and see the results

  3. Are you running any Cycle Support or just milk this? Do you have a pct setup for this cycle? Best of luck bro
    Ask me for samples of the new RecoverPRO and Maniac. 3Z is coming July 1st Facebook for more info and maybe a great deal on it coming.!/TeamAISports

  4. CH-50 is expensive,
    and wouldnt u want vitrix for pct?
    and u might want more support for your liver besides milk thistle in personal experience.
    save ur creatine for pct too, worsens ur back, calf pumps.

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