Clean Diet, Hard Exercise does pay off

  1. Clean Diet, Hard Exercise does pay off

    This is my three month transformation so far, I've been taking CLA, Neovar Recomp and Protein, along with a clean diet, Neovar is by far the best creatine in my opinion, and you cant beat the Scivation 10lb Whey for $59.99
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  2. This is the supplement review and log section, bro

  3. Thnx man, I was editing it right as you said that

  4. Good transform, keep it up. Someday my lower abs will grace the light as well.

  5. Great results man! What sort of diet format were you following out of curiosity?

  6. Nice transformation man! Keep at it and start adding a little mass at a time!
    Freedom means nothing here.

  7. good sh!t dood. what has your diet and training been like?

  8. Very impressive.


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