I just thought I would share my first experience with waxy maize by itself so maybe some people who have been thinking about trying it can get an idea.

I have been trying to put on weight for the past 2 months with no luck. I really had trouble getting enough calories in. I always had an issue with working out meals around my workouts as I just would feel too full all the time.

For the past 2 months my pre and post meals were usually this:
Pre: (30 minutes before) 1 Scoop Whey and apple
During: nothing
After 1 scoop whey,8 oz milk, 60g Waxy/Dextrose combo

That's about 680 calories from preworkout (3:00) to post (5:30).

Today I used Waxy Maize.
Pre: I just had breakfast and waited a couple of hours.
On the way and during: 1 scoop Purple Wrath and 10oz grape juice
Post: 70g Waxy Maize,10g Creatine Mono,10g BCAA

I was blown away when a half hour after drinking the waxy maize I was hungry again and I ate a chicken salad with 5 oz,chicken,carrots,half cup of rice,2 tbsp olive oil,handful of nuts,and half a banana.

That's about 1200 calories from pre to post.

I'm truly an ecto so an extra 600 calories is a big deal. I had been taking ON Glycomaize for the past 2 months with my protein and Dextrose postworkout. I read on here that taking waxy with just water,creatine,and amino's was the way too go. I could not agree more.