My 3 ad log

  1. Smile My 3 ad log

    Started 3ad today, going to do a 6 wk cycle, and then apct for 4 wks after. Im at 192 right now with substantial strength. Max bench at about 300 give or take some weight. Drinking a mass protein, and animal pak for multi. Ill try and update every couple of days.

  2. hey man good to see ur starting a log. You might wanna move this to the cycle info section. However, things to include in ur log:

    Current weight:
    Lifting Stats:
    Stats (Chest measurement, biceps, etc)
    Workout Plan

    Also, what is ur PCT consist of? Supporting supps? Dosing of 3-AD?

    How about some before cycle pics? Just some info to share.

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