Novedex XT and Methyl-E

  1. Novedex XT and Methyl-E

    This is my first post as a member on this website. Please go easy on me as I have a few serious questions about a couple of supplements.

    I am a 29 year old male and have been lifting for 12-13 years on a consistent basis. I have used many different supplements (mostly creatines, proteins/carbs, and mainly tribulus in the past couple of years).

    I do not log my workouts because I know that I give it everything i've got when I head into the gym to lift, and as many of you who are at the gym regularly probably would agree that your so keened in on your reps/sets and weight that you know whether you are making gains or not.

    As I said I am 29, 6'4 and currently 247-250 pounds. I am not sure what my body fat percentage is but I know that I have more fat than I would like in my stomach area mostly, but not anywhere else. I do consider myself a hard gainer so I try to get the proper nutrients so allow for weight gain. I believe that I have reached my genetic plateau as far as muscle mass goes though so I am considering pro hormones/test boosters.

    I am currently in the middle of a cycle of Novedex Xt and I will admit that it has increased my energy and ability to lift heavier in the gym. I have been on it for almost 4 weeks and like I said it has enabled me to lift heavier. I started with 2 capsules and worked my way up to 4 and now I am going down to 3 before bed and will taper down from there. I have ordered some Methyl-E as I said I am considering doing one or two cycles of pro hormones because I believe that at my age I will keep a good portion of my gains while on a pro hormone, especially because I have never done a cycle before and I am more into the mature muscle building state that comes with being 29.

    I have done a lot of research about various products and I know that Methyl-E is one of the less potent ones and has minimal sides compared to others. I am also aware that I will need proper support supps while on this cycle as well as a proper PCT afterwards. I will not start my cycle until I have all of the support supps and pct down and on hand.

    Now my question is because I have been on Novedex XT for almost a month would it be okay to taper down to two caps before bed and just jump into my cycle on Methyl-E and stop the Novedex XT totally? OR would I be better off waiting a couple of months to allow my estrogen levels to level out and then do my Methyl-E cycle? Logically I was thinking that it would be beneficial to take Novedex XT before as it would lower my estrogen levels enough to allow for maximum gains from the Methyl-E, but I could be wrong as I am aware that too little estrogen is not a good thing either when it comes to building muscle. I am also worried that when I come off of the Methyl-E and having my estrogen being low already from the Novedex Xt that my estrogen will shoot through the roof even though I have the proper pct. I do plan on using Novedex XT as a component in my PCT but I am not dumb enough to use it stand alone even though it has been very potent for me. Any info would be appreciated with regard to this question. Like I said I don't have my supports and pct down yet but I am aware of my options and in the end it will be me who makes the decision as to what I will take and what will work best. I just know that I won't start my cycle until i have those supps on hand.

    Thanks everyone for your input!!!

  2. I would suggest doing as you plan with tapering off the dosage of Nov.xt. By the time you get your pct in line you would be in good enough shape to start your methyl e. I took novedex xt before and it can be potent. If you want to be safe just wait 2 weeks when you are done. I only took it for 4 weeks and used it during my pct. Taper down. Get off. Wait a week or two. Then begin cycle.

  3. What else did your PCT consist of?

  4. Well I have come across many studies and many of them contradict each other. I will most likely go with cycle support and post cycle support by Anabolic Innovations. I am finding that one person will say one thing and another person will say another, so who do you believe? I think it boils down to how you react to certain products and what your body can tolerate. I will pay close attention to my body when and if I decide to try my first cycle of Methyl-E and see if the sides are really worth it while on cycle. I know I have a healthy liver as I have recently had blood tests. I have read about SERMS and logically (even though it works well) it isn't worth the possible sides with the liver. On the other hand people swear by herbs and for some conditions I have had good experiences, but other situations they made no difference. The truth of the matter is that Herbs are not nearly as powerful as pharma products, but like I said before pharma products are so powerful that they too have their share of negative sides. I'll just have to listen to my body and see what works for me as I have yet to find out because I haven't done a cycle. I am more inclined to go the herbal route with my pct along with some novedex xt because I know how potent novedex xt is from using it. Everyone reacts differently! From what i've read the most important thing is prostate protection, a good dose of EFA's (Udo is what I use), a good multi, little to no alcohol (i don't drink much anyways), protein and carb from food and supps, and a good natural test booster (trib stack of some sort) to start in the last week of your cycle so you can start raising your natural test levels), and having some control over your estrogen. I have also read that many people take way more prohormone dosage than they need thinking that they will gain more mass, but again it's important to listen to your body while dosing. With novedex xt my libido dropped a lot so I started to lower my dose and sure enough the libido came back. In my opinion a loss of anything while supplementing with regard to libido, energy, headaches and the likes will just put you further away from making great gains naturally so I don't understand why people continue with something if the sides are this heavy. I am also a hard gainer in the gym so as much as I would love to hit the gym 5 days a week, it ends up doing more harm than good. I've been there and it's no wonder I got stuck with my gains for as long as I did (two years), without realizing that I was over training. I usually go 4 days a week and i'm in for no more than an hour and I come out soaked and almost puking at some points because i've trained so hard. When I was going to the gym 5 or 6 days a week my workouts would be like most other people in the gym, little to no sweat which = no gains in my opinion unless you've got genetics on your side. The other added benefit of going to the gym less is being able to superset most of my exercises, especially on leg day! No pain no gain! Listen to your body people!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by lonewolf0420 View Post
    What else did your PCT consist of?
    I actually gained 2 lb. during my PCT as well. I took Havoc and Propadrol.

    PCT consisted of
    Post Cycle Support
    Novedex XT
    Retain 2



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