AllGenetix Final Review Of CORE ZAP

  1. AllGenetix Final Review Of CORE ZAP

    AllGenetix CORE ZAP Final Review

    I must preface this by saying that before this log started I was not a rep of CORE nutritionals, I was lucky enough to become a board rep in the last week of my sponsored log. That being said, I can unbiasedly say that ZAP was one of the most effective, efficient, and workout altering supplements that I have used. I was not much of a stim junkie as many on this board are. I have popped a few caffeine pills here and there but I tend to stay away from stims as they make me too jittery and crash too fast. From the first to last dose of ZAP, I could feel it working. The first effect I noticed was the quick hit of whole body thermogenesis beginning as early as my warmup sets. There was no jittery, high energy rush that most caffeine based products provide. The energy that ZAP provided was more of a controlled intensity, with mental clarity and focus. When I was in the gym, I had tunnel vision on my goal for the day and any distractions went unnoticed. I had consistent energy throughout the entirety of the workout with no crash or "come down" effect. Just good clean energy throughout. I even mentioned a few times that this product might be the downfall of me as I tend to overtrain in general, therefore my workout habits and the energy that ZAP provided left me wanting to stay in the gym forever! Now for the claims.....

    ZAP Claims:

    Awesome mental focus, clarity, and increased memory:
    10/10 - total focus, clarity, concentration, motivation, anything cognitive was enhanced by ZAP.

    Significant strength and performance increases:
    9/10 - Most, if not all of my lifts went up. Deadlift went up 30lb, front squat went up 15, bench up 10lb, T-Bar rows up 25lb, to mention a few. The energy and determination that ZAP provides almost makes you strive for more PR's each workout. The sustained energy helped me hit PR's later in the workout as well.

    Enhanced sense of well being:
    9/10 - Felt amazing throughout the workout, didn't really notice much else effect outside of the workout, but could definetly feel the euphoric feel about an hour after taking it.

    Improved metabolism and fat loss:
    8/10 - I was bulking on about 3.5-4k cal and didn't seem to gain an ounce of fat while gaining 3lb in a month of ZAP. This can be attributed to the increased energy and total body thermogenesis ZAP provides. You really don't want to leave the gym! Only an 8 because I wasn't cutting so I really couldn't assess this fully.

    Increased libido and aggression:
    9/10 - Libido was a hit or miss, I couldn't really tell as my "sessions" were nowhere near my workout times and I didn't take ZAP pre-"session". Aggresion was there, especially in the gym. People didn't fck with me when I was training, it puts you and keeps you "in the zone".

    9.5/10 - Amazing preWO supplement that provides you with consistent smooth energy that feels like a controlled intensity throughout the workout with little to no crash.

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  2. Awesome review! And congrats on being selected as a Core Rep!
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  3. Thanks man. I am so grateful to be a part of a company with quality people and supplements.

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