Cutting w/ DTH, YG, and Bulk 1-C

  1. Cutting w/ DTH, YG, and Bulk 1-C

    Okie Dokie. This is an unsponsored log of the three products mentioned in the title.

    After reading Aeternatis's? review of cutting with DTH, I decided to give it a go. probably try to go with 5-6 tabs by the end tho im going to try 3 at first.

    Ill be comparing to ActivaTe and MassFX, though it will be a loose comparison as i was bulking when taking both of those supplements.

    Ive been sick the past couple of days from some eating some bad meat. I still am a little sick, so ill probably take it easy for a few days.

    Anyway, my whole log will be in the next post, so you don't have to go looking through the whole thread trying to find my log posts.

    I may add restore too. Ill update yall with a full list of supplements when i figure it out myself. If you have any suggestions of good supps to add let me know.

    Supplements to be used
    General Supplements
    Yellow Gold: 3-4g a day
    Bulk 1-C: 2-3g a day
    DTH: 3-6 a day
    AX Rampage: 2-3 tabs a day
    PEA+Hordenine NutraCaps: 2 a day
    Nature Made Vitamin C

    pre-/peri- WO

    Vitamin Shoppe Nutri-100 Multivitamin (Not the best, but it was free)
    Bulk Fish Oil (20 caps a day?)
    Body Fortress Whey Protein
    EAS Nighttime Protein

    Origins Saw Palmetto?
    Primaforce Sesamin?
    Reset A.D.?
    Napalm w/6-oxo?

  2. Log Post

    Stopping this log. I think DTH is makin me sick. Ill be starting napalm w/ 6-oxo and DCP log pretty shortly.

    Day 1 - July 11 - Workout 1 (Chest system [Chest/shoulders/Triceps] and Back system [Width/Thickness])
    Took 2 before working out. (Broken into pieces. i cant swallow the pill whole)
    Pretty good workout. Pumped up a bit.
    Saw progress in Deadlift. Nothing too out of the ordinary w/ strength/endurance but its only the first day. feel pumped all day. (probably resulting from HGW and AAKG)

    Just went biking. Not too intense. DTH didn't really help w/ Endurance yet.

    As I was sick, I haven't been taking YG or Bulk 1-C. Will be starting those again later today or tomorrow.
    I will be having at least 4 DTH a day from now on. i can definitely handle that much. I also want to finish the bottle by August 1. Then I will be going on a stack of BAM, 2g Divanil a day most likely and either TD 6-oxo most likely or Low dose Restore.

    Pre Day 1
    Sick for about 4 days lost 1-2 lbs of weight probably mostly water weight.

  3. Spare Post

    Spare Post

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