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    Got my order of Anabolic Pump and Recreate from Nutraplanet on Friday. Very excited to try this combo out as i have been hearing A LOT of good things about it. Here are my stats...

    Height: 5,10
    Weight: 151
    BF%: 17-18
    Pics up tomorrow morning

    i will start my dosing tomorrow morning as follows:

    8:00 AM - 1 recreate, 1 AP

    8:30 AM - breakfast

    10:00 AM - Snack

    12:00 PM - 1 recreate, 1 AP

    12:30 PM - GYM

    2:00 PM - Post Workout shake, 1 AP

    5:30 PM - Dinner

    This dosage will continue through the whole bottle of recreate and AP.If you feel that my dosage plan i'snt up to par as it should be let me know. i will not up dosage because I'm not a big person and i am young. my total intake of calories will be 1900 give or take. Fish Oils and a lot of protein is my main daily intake but before and after workouts is when i intake my carbs. This will be my 2nd cut i'm going on after a successful cut with Levi-R and DCP. i lost 12 pounds over the course of 3 months. I plan to keep an in depth assessment of my diet everyday. Keep track! Thanks!

  2. Good luck, I will be keepin an eye on this log, you should not be disappointed.
    PHF Rep


  3. thanks a lot bro.

  4. alright well here are the pics. i got around to taking them tonight instead of tomorrow. now i know, im pretty pathetic, but im looking to change things. cut then lean bulk so within the next couple of months i hope to transform.



    thanks for support

  5. how long have you been hiting the gym prior to taking AP+Recreate?

  6. Thank you so much USPlabs! I ****ing love your products. Today was the longest intense workout i have had in the gym and i'm still not tired! Sweated quite a bit more than usual.


    45 min tredmill at 11-incline, 3.5mph (400kcal)

    30 min upper body training

    total consumed calories for the day= 1700

  7. well day two is over and i feel great here was my schedule

    woke up took recreate(2)

    Fasted cardio 9:30 (35 min)

    protein shake 10:15

    bowl of raisin bran 10:20

    turkey sandwich 12:30, 1 recreate, 1 AP

    GYM 1:00 lower body plus 20 more minutes of cardio

    1:45 Protein shake and rolled oats bar with 1 AP

    8:00pm Chicken breast with spinach and a spoonful of rice-o-roni. 1 AP

    total intake: 1900 kcal

    deficit: 550 kcal

  8. forgot to mention that appetite suppressing qualitys are very good. didnt feel like eating any kind of food that was unhealthy.

  9. completely forgot about yesterdays log but nothing really changed. intaked 1700 kcal and deficit about 500. today was the same as well. fasted cardio, with weight training later in the day. intake 1700 and deficit around 600 today. pretty harsh but i can already notice results after 4 days. definetly more vascularity as well as more veins in arms and stomach feels smaller. i weighed in at 147 so thats 2 pounds in four days which im guessing is really only 1 pound of fat. i have no junk food cravings and have been going strong with no sweets for four days straight. i cant get over how good this stack is. i have retained a lot of my strength as i think its only increasing. well thats todays log. keep you updated! and pics will come tomorrow morning.!


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