Zero's Dream-Chaser log with MST's Somnidren GH/ZMK stack

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  1. Zero's Dream-Chaser log with MST's Somnidren GH/ZMK stack

    I am happy to be running MST's GHSR stack courtesy of CTDeuce and Millennium Sports Technologies. I would like to say thank you for selecting me as one of the lucky folks to log your great product! The GHSR stack is composed of Somnidren GH and ZMK, both amazing products from MST!

    This log is to show the role these products form MST play in helping me to enjoy good rest at night (which is rare for me!) and in boosting Growth Hormone production. I am interested also in logging the effects Somnidren GH and ZMK have on my experience of stress in daily life and how much more recovered I am from workouts by the next day.

    I will recored my workouts and my any sports I partake in, such as softball and tennis and how I feel now that I am taking this products during these activities.

    This is also my first log, MST you got my logcherry!

  2. To start things off I actually took my first dose last night. I felt a nice tingly sensation after dosing somnidren that really relaxed me. I didnt start my log though because I sat down on my bed a half hour after dosing to take a quick break and woke up 8 hours later lol.

    So to start things off I took my first dose last night, this morning I woke up almost 8 hours on the spot and felt pretty good. I noticed a difference in the qulity of sleep, but do to the extremly emotionially screwed up day yesterday I woke up several times throughout the night...

    I dosed ZMK, waited 10 minutes and dosed Somnidren. Fell asleep about 35 minutes after the Somnnidren which would be 45 minutes after I took ZMK.

    What is great I have noticed though, even after awaking a few times, I feel as though I never woke up. I was not tired or fatigued like I would normally be when these nights occure. AWSOME! seriously. I was able to fall asleep again fast and not miss a beat. I wasnt sure if it was dreams or memories about waking up until i found out yeah i simply did.

    There was no lethargic feeling or groggyness either.

    For a first night, I am very impressed(btw I liked the tingle of somnidren!)

    I will not post anything about my diet today....going away party for my brother, he is shipping to the marines. Good luck Bro! So my diet was not on par for the day....There was also no workout today or cardio.

    I am also not taking any other supplements atm save for the basics, multi and fish oil

    My supps:

    somnidren GH
    Multi-Pro 32X
    Fish oil

    Here is what you guys can expect from me on posts about workouts

    Sun:time with God and friends/family

  3. I will be taking my somnidren and ZMK for the night here in a few minutes after I shower. Good Night yall. Once monday hits I will really be able to feel its effects during work/ workouts. So I am actually looking forward to a work week, WTH!!!! lol.

    Again thanks CTDeuce and Millennium Sport Technologies

    Any advice on improving my log to better be of assistance to others is also welcome!

  4. ready to rock n roll!

    Wish your brother good luck for me!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  5. Good luck buddy!!!
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //

  6. Alright mates. I just got back from a nice long game of basketball. Best I have played all year actually. Quinky Dink that I started Somnidren GH and ZMK a few days ago...

    Again I have notied a new kinda feeling when I wake up. I cant pin or describe it yet, but I will.

    The ZMK is really easy to just kinda let fall apart in your mouth, much easier to take since it crumbles and I just wash it all down. Doesnt taste to bad either, mostly like those zinc tablets they make you suck on as a kid.

    Endurance is up compared to what it was tuesday though. I played pretty roughly at a softball match.

    Tommorow is cardio followed by some softball practice, then CTDeuce I will be seeing how well this suff helps me rest and recover on tuesday because it is Bi/Back followed day with a double header softball game after I workout. And I will be pitching. Gona be fun

    And tommorow will be my first day of work that i goto after a night of rest on the GHSR stack! I am hoping it goes alto easier.

  7. Im sure everything will work out great. Let us know!!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  8. Ok guys.

    Just dosed for the night. I have made the choice to take ZMK before somnidren from now on because of the heavier breathing that follows somnidren for me.

    Last night was great, woke up feeling quite refreshed and had a nice and speedy day at work. Also since I didnt post monday I will fill you in. First time in a long time I had an 8 hour workday go so fast. It was great, when I feel rested work is not as stressful and can go fast, and this is what I have experenced these last 2 days.

    I will alwaso star throwing in how many hours I got the night before of sleep starting tommorow seeing as how I forget the other days...

    To the point, today was Bi/Back day as well as that double header.

    GYM TIME! Went off to the gym, but because I was worried about the double header I had to keep it easy on myself. I did 2 workouts for each body part to keep it simple

    Standing DB curls:
    25x10 EA arm alt
    35x10 EA arm alt
    25x 10 EA arm alt

    One arm DB preacher curls:
    25x8 EA arm
    25X10 EA arm

    Iso-Lat low row(I love this thing!0
    74 per arm
    3 sets of 8 reps each

    Biangular lat pulldown

    I went with the 8 reps to make things easy and not drain myself too much for the games.

    On to the games. Well the skies were getting dark when we were getting ready to play tonight....sigh...rain. BUT we didnt care, and neitehr did the ref!

    We started as home so we were outfield and I was pitching. I walked only 1 person the entire time. This is my 3rd time pitching, I feel awsome.

    I had a good sense of feeling recovered from the earlier wokout, though I did sneek in a 20 min nap and kinda relax to let my body recoop.

    Batting I nailed an outfield hit that was caught

    Other than that while I was pitching, an extremly cute girl on the other team was giving me alot of attention I also got 2 outs one inning as a pitching, caught one, then threw another that was shooting by me to first and got the runner out.

    Then the rain came, and we kept playing and it was insane. But once lighting started....well ref thought aluminum bats wouldnt go over well So we only got about half way through the first game, no second one.

    Anyhow when we did that lil line up and walk by and give every one a five, my buddy behind me told me the girl wa staring at me with a twinkle in her eye as i gave her a five... I didnt notice I so gotta find out what team that was and go to their church....she was cute and athletic....

    I have had energy for work, WO, and softball today. I am very interested in seeing how I feel tommorow, how well my body recoops.

    Well good night guys. BTW I gots a Q.

    With the 5 on 2 off dosing idea of somnidren. Could it be possible to take it 4 on,1 off,1on,1 off? Or some other dosing? My off days this time are going to fall on weds/thurs. Weds works for me, thurs is tri/chest and I deff want this that night for recovery. I was thinking if it would work I would not take any maybe sunday night or friday night.

    Can you chime in CTDeuce?

  9. Shweet stack from a good company. You are gonna be recovering nicely while in dreamland. Subb'd.

  10. Zero that sounds like it will work just fine. I personally don't usually take any time off anymore except for in between bottles...but that dosing protocol will work for you if you need the recovery for your lifts. Let me know how it goes for sure...and get your ass to that girl's church and get her to go out with ya already
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  11. Ok OK update time boyz. Didnt do anything yesterday so I felt retarded if I said hi, did nothing.

    Anyhow didnt take somnidren last night because i didnt get a tingle out of it no more lol. I am thinking of doing a 4 on1 off 1 on 1 off. so I can skip hit saturday nights workout with it. What you think CT?

    Anyhow did tri/chest today.

    Also I tried a serving of Raganarok. You know.... I went to early after taking it. I was thinking the entire I dont feel anything, then right at the end of my workout BAMMO, I laid back down and pumped out another set of dumbbell fly's.

    The ZMK and Somnidren have definitly improved my daily moods too. I have noticed I am more relaxed and at peace kinda, even with some of the stressfull things. I just say "eh"

    Anyhow this is most of my WO, i didnt write down some of it. But again tried to keep light for Softball game.(next week I dont have games....BWAHAHAH, time to crush some weights BOOOOYYYYYY)

    DB bench

    DB Fly

    Iso-Lat Wide Chest
    140-70 Each arm x8
    110-55 Each arm x10
    100-50 each arm x 8

    Shoulder shruggies

    And a few more miscelanius

    Felt good. the I have noticed some building up of my testosterone(i normally dont uh....relieve myself so it has nowhere to go) So i know some how thats getting kicked up.
    I have not had ANY DOMS from workouts, I will try to get some next week on purpose. I will be taking tonights dose in a few minutes, cant waite for a nice good nights rest.

    btw MST, being on the RAG ROCKS!!!! lol....that felt great, now if I can time it right next time I will crush some serious weight. Sat I will be doing light squats for the FIRSt time since getting achilles tendonitis in both legs, I have full mobility back and they are painfree unless I twist the crap out of em(which I did today twice) So wish me luck on that.

    Also I normally dont have dreams, now I do. And save for the first night they are pleasent. Just kinda like chilling in my dream world lol.

    Softball game.. I pitched again, walked 1 person which was a girl(they switch up the balles you use for guys and girls, so the weight diff threw me off) and made a couple good plays and one big screw up...I tried to catch a super fast hit that flew by me at the pitchers mound with my bare right hand...OW....

    I am getting comliments left and right about pitching and some of the plays I do. 2 for 2 batting also today.

    My workouts have been easier to make it through, though I had to do it light this week I felt I could have gone alot longer. Next week I am hoping to post up some real #'s

    Thanks again MST and CTDeuce!!! Give you an update tommorow.

  12. That dosing will work just fine man....keep up the good work!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  13. Alright, as I said I didnt take a dose last night, but slept a good 10 hours because its saturday. Me and the youth pastor and 3 other youth leaders took the youth canoeing, so Kinda got a chest/back/arm workout I didnt intend to. Forgot how fun it can be.

    Also had the last dinner I will with my brother for a long time He heads off to the hotel at 5 tommorow. ships out to basic monday. you never expect you would miss a lil brother until it is actually time to seperate... dang...pops was right lol, I hate admiting that.

    I will be dosing in a few, then going to sleep in a lil. Church in the morning. Doing a softball practice/ leg workout tommorow in between churches. Since I practice softball on the same field my rec center is all, it works out Oh so beautifully.

    Also a note for friday. I took a nap at work, an had a dream with a 10-15 minute nap. I never had REM sleep before during a nap.... Kinda cool. How long does hte somnidren stay in your system after waking?

    Anyhow, this week has NO SOFTBALL!!!! which means i have NO LIMITS at the gym OORAH

    Best sleep in a long time since I started on this. Even my off nights seem to bring more producting sleep. And my muscles actually relax for me too now. This keeps adding in new greats for me over time. I have also had a constant stream of energy( I am avoiding stims for the most part, dont even drink iced tea anymore. Water all day, maybe some gatorade during softball, only stim I have had was that rag serving I tried)

    I crave the gym so much more now. I think I will set a PR for curls this week. Usually it would take a muscle group 2-3 days to feel like I was ready to hit with em again. Now the day after i think"Dangit! I have to wait until next tuesday to do my Bi's again......) This is great stuff. Also very creative dreams as I have said before, and no groggyness when I wake up. Good combo to me.

    Night guys see ya on the flipside!

  14. Went to post last night and I screwed up my internet trying to get a program called Xlink kai or something to work. Fixed it this morning before work but had no time to post.

    Yesterday I was up and going from 9am to midnight, had to gert up at 5:15 today.

    BUT this doesnt seem to be an issue with the kind of sleep I get. I had a great nights sleep and a full feeling of energy. Work is already half over and I am going to put in overtime I feel so good.

    Props to MST for a biggie for me:The somnidren really calms my nerves at bed time. I am one of those guys who when he gets to bed at night, the mind takes off thinking about this and that and did I remember and what am I going to do about this and Oh how am I going to pay off this debt, and that one. This stuff makes me feel care free and I get stress free rest. I am almost tempted to try the lil thing on the side label where it says a 1/4th dose can relief stress takin sublingually. Alas I drive a stand of reach truck, I dont put things in my body during the day at work save for water protien and food.

    I have been booming back from workouts lately and am considering doing a 5 day split somehow, not sure how i could do it though at the minute. The gym is packed on mon/wed/fri and there are only 3 benches thats why I go tues/thurs/sat and have free riegn!!!!!!!!

    Brother left yesterday. Its going to be great for him in the marines... I am just upset that my lil bro will probably be able to whoop my rear when he gets back:bruce2: sigh......even body building cant help me there lol. Any one know brazilian jitsu?

    Endurance has increased greatly on this, and strength has boosted a bit. I will be curling 40's or 45's on tuesday. I have not done that since high school if I even did it back then.... I cant remember where my curl topped off at...I am excited. Big time!

    Remember guys, I am only on ZMK and Somnidren GH so any results go directly to those products!

    Also i dont know if its intended, but my appetite is kinda suppressed. In a good way as in I dont have cravings, but i can still eat all my meals. I will post again tonight less I fry my net again trying to get that program working.

  15. Once again Posting moring after rather than that night eh.

    Anyhow, stupid day yeserday, not much happened other than I crashed for some reason and wasted away for about 3 hours after I got some overtime in at work. Taking a short lunch today.

    I finally have the energy again to get OT and take shorter lunches so I can try and make money to pay off my bills.

    I am on fire for after work though, Bi/Back day!!!!!!!!! Been waiting for this, tis gona be a good day. I can feel it!

  16. So I could dose this combo, 2 on, 1 off and have it be effective? I love Cordygen 5. I haven't researched it but does MST have a natural Test booster as well (Ragnarok)? I'm thinking of just going with pretty blue bottles in my cabinet from now on.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Mach .78 View Post
    So I could dose this combo, 2 on, 1 off and have it be effective? I love Cordygen 5. I haven't researched it but does MST have a natural Test booster as well (Ragnarok)? I'm thinking of just going with pretty blue bottles in my cabinet from now on.
    Im thinking pretty blue bottles can't hurt at all

    No test boost product from MST just yet...but this year holds a lot of relases . Cre-02 coming the soonest...with an endurance powder and a bcaa complex similar to the likes of core abc and xtend to follow.
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  18. Quote Originally Posted by CTDeuce View Post
    Im thinking pretty blue bottles can't hurt at all

    No test boost product from MST just yet...but this year holds a lot of relases . Cre-02 coming the soonest...with an endurance powder and a bcaa complex similar to the likes of core abc and xtend to follow.

    Hurry up with the endurance! I am going to try cordy just because of that. Eh as long as I have endurance where it counts


  19. Cordygen 5 or v02 will greatly increase your endurance and stamina. Well worth it, trust me!

    the powder is coming along...haha. It will be an unsurpassed product once it's patience truly is of the essence on this one
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  20. Alright I am rested up a bit, well today was crazy at the gym. I think I did pretty good. Here ya go!

    Standing DB curls
    10x30 EA arm
    7x40 EA arm
    5x40 EA arm
    8x30 EA arm

    (see those 40's, oorah)

    One Arm DB rows
    10x40 EA arm
    10x40 EA arm

    DB front raise
    10X20 EA arm
    10x20 EA arm

    1 set of 30 alternating type every 10
    1 set of 30 alternating type every 10

    Iso-Lat Low row
    10x110 @55 EA
    10x130 @65 EA
    8x150 @75 EA

    10 minute cycle with a 1-2 course, 2 miles

    Iso-Lat rows
    10x140 @70 EA
    10x160 @80 EA
    10X140 @70 EA

    Iso-Lat Front Lat Pulldown
    [email protected] EA
    [email protected] EA


    15 mins on a 1-1 course, 3 miles
    5 minutes cooldown, another mile
    So 4 miles total

    6 total cycled miles today

    WELL, I felt this one. Broke a PR, and felt it. I iced my left shoulder when I got home. Had my post workout protein shake with a couple slices whole wheat/grain bread, and had chicken and bananas for dinner shortly after. Weird dinner combo...

    I am also going to post pics of my left and right shoulder. The part of my left arm between my biceps and triceps that always bothers me I will highlight and I will show you guys the issue I see. Where the the collar bone goes off into the shoulder and becomes flush, on my left side it dont. It sticks up above the shoulder a lil, I can even push it down. I injured that part of my arm in wrestling in HS but never could do anything about it.

    Well ZMK and somnidren GH will be put to the test tonight when it comes to recover. I am planning to be in bed in less than an hour, so as to get 7 and a half to 8 hours of rest.

    there was also one of them thar beautiful workout girls there today, man she could put out some strength.....kinda
    Last edited by Zero V; 07-15-2008 at 08:58 PM.

  21. 2 days on, 1 day off would work as a dosing schedule for this? Sorry Zero, not trying to jack your log. I'm just curious.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Mach .78 View Post
    2 days on, 1 day off would work as a dosing schedule for this? Sorry Zero, not trying to jack your log. I'm just curious.
    Well 2 on 1 off is kinda weird. Since I work out the same days every week I kinda end up with a 4 on 1 off 1 on 1 off deal so i can keep it in pace to always stay on my workout days.

    I think technically you could do 5 on 2 off, or take no break but take one between bottles.

    A 2 on 1 off isnt going to ruin it I don't think. But that's up to CT's knowledge of their products to accurately detail.

  23. Now for my update. Last nights sleep sucked for some odd reason. After I dosed I went mental while trying to get to sleep. took from 10pm to midnight to fall asleep.

    Then one of my youth called me at 2 am because he needed to talk, he then called again at 3:30 am to talk. (i actually enjoy doing this stuff, sleep dont matter if people need you)

    But thanks to ZMK and somnidren, even with less sleep, I had solid energy all day and felt great. I will be taking just ZMK tonight for a break. Later all, today was a non workout day save for driving the church vans of em....wild beasts....

    Cedar Point saturday, WHOOOO!!

  24. good log. i wanted to be one of the testers, but i didn't apply fast enough. watching your progress.


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