ATW protein reviews - cin. bun & cupcake batter

  1. ATW protein reviews - cin. bun & cupcake batter

    As a base liquid I used smart balance fat free milk, it's fortified with extra protein, omega 3, and vitmain E, all of which make the texture about the same as 2% milk. good stuff.

    Cinnamon Bun
    This is the first protein I've ever had that literally tastes exactly like the flavor listed on the bottle. At worst I was expecting a decent vanilla spiked with a bit of cinnamon. At best, I was expecting the vanilla aspect of the flavor to actually taste a bit sugary, like a cheap sugar glaze flavoring.
    All I can say is that I was completely taken by surprise as soon as the shake hit my tongue, because it literally tastes exactly like a cinammon roll / bun!

    Flavor details: The cinnamon is obvious but not overstated, it's pleasantly mild. Somehow they found a flavoring that literally does taste like cinnamon roll dough, but that aspect is even more mild than the cinnamon, so it teases the palette a bit and isn't at all overpowering, it leaves you wanting to sip the shake more slowly and try to figure out if they actually did slip some sort of pastry mix powder into the protein to cheat it. The stuff is just awesome.

    Cup Cake Batter
    I wasn't sure what exactly to expect from this one, but after the cinnamon bun I had high expectations. This one I think is definitely worth buying, but in smaller quantities as it leaves an impression of being much more of a novelty flavor rather than a standard you'd always keep in supply.

    Flavor details: It did have a batter taste to it that was good, but the flavor that kept coming to my mind wasn't just cup cake batter. More prominent was the idea of popcorn flavored jelly bellies, or perhaps a buttered kettle corn.
    Like the cinnamon bun, it too has a base flavor of some sort of confection batter, but not in the same way. It's paired with a very buttery flavoring that tastes good but can be too strong and get on your nerves if you drink it often. It does taste good, and is enjoyable in an enigmatic way, as you try to figure out just how close to real cup cake batter it comes, or what else it might taste like in your mind. It's definitely something to pick up if you've been drinking a bland, mellow flavor for a long period of time and need a break and need to give your taste buds a wake up call. It's not something I could see myself drinking daily for more than a week at a time though. I could see myself experimenting with it in attempts to make sugar cookies, or even
    mix in vanilla ice cream and cover with sprinkles in the summer just for fun.

    Texture & mixability:
    It mixes about as thoroughly as ON protein, which is to say it mixes not 100% perfectly but better than most others. One distinct difference between ATW and other brands is that any remaining clumps are actually a pleasure to drink! Unlike most other proteins, any leftover clumps tend to have a soft, gooey batter like consistency, rather than a hard, pasty lump that turns you off. The consistency of the clumps seems to actually compliment the cinnamon bun flavor, and doesn't do anything to hinder the cup cake batter flavor.

    I hope my review was helpful, pineapple and orange will be reviewed in the near future!

    Thanks to Marc from ATW for the generous amount of samples.

  2. Will the real Marcus please stand up>? Guys I am back it is I. Hit me up if you can read this got awesome news!!! . OUT

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