recreate log (help)

  1. recreate log (help)

    This is my first post and i wanted some pointers so that i can utilize this supplement to the fullest. For some reason i feel like im making a mistake...not sure...I'm trying to cut down to 10% BF. I believe I'm at 12% (faintly see abs) But i bulked up to a good size cycles before. I'm 5 '8 at 163 lbs. ... before bulkin i was 158 -160 ...but i leaned out alot and finally I'm at 163 - 165 lbs with much bigger mass and slimmer waist. (So i was im seeing what recreate can do for me)

    DAY 1

    Took two pills and had breakfast 30 - 45 min later. Breakfast consist of rice (palm size) white 6 oz chicken breast with 2 boiled eggs. (little bit of spinach salad sometimes..depending on my mood but i choose not too sometimes cause of the sodium in the dressing.. i want to cut down on...) I don't know if i should be eating that way but i built a habit to eat this way.

    I use to eat (1) oatmeal to go bar, 2 boiled eggs and a protein shake with a 2 toast of bread for breakfast but someone told me it was okay to eat the way i do (above). Either or i enjoy the one above but im curious if its really okay.

    chicken breast again with rice and 3 boiled eggs (it may not seem like its alot of food but i get really full)

    Took my last pill of the day. protein shake. around 30 g of protein.

    5:00PM WORK OUT!!
    Lift wieghts of two bodyparts per day. (chest/triceps) (Back/Biceps) (Legs/Obliques) (Shoulders/ABS) 5th day rest with all CARDIO!!
    Everday i swim for 30 min... (15 laps 1 = going and back)

    7:00PM NITROTECH... decided to take it because i had a bottle of it but i noticed it had glutamine..heard that raises test... with a good amount of protein too.

    7:30PM DINNER
    12oz chicken breast, rice little more than palm size again and salad with 2 boiled eggs.

    Mainly i got recreate so that i can keep this cravings at nights to the minimal. i have been guilty of eating some carbs this late...rice, bread, yogurt...nothing bad but i still try not to. i thought i should just let yall know i do this sometimes.

    11:00 - 12:00 AM
    usually my bed time... and wake up around 8-9 to start the day again!

    IF YOU NOTICE I DONT NEED MUCH OF ANY VARIETY OF FOODS... AGAIN I DONT KNOW IF THATS BAD BUT I'V BEEN EATING THIS WAY FOR 2 MONTHS NOW... but the difference between then and now is im eating less portions of it. i cut out all red meat, dont really cheat any meals though but again i hope recreate can help me. I believe all I'm eating is less than 2k calories/day. Please let me know if I'm making any mistakes in diet. Il keep posting per week to let yall know how recreate is doing for me.

    OHH and i drink around 5 liters per day!!! WATER WATER WATER!!!!!

  2. Today was my rest day from weights and first day to use Recreate!!

    Had a good pump and good amount of energy within an hour of the first dose! I had no temptation to eat anything unhealthy so i guess the cravings for junk food were gone... not sure if thats the recreate or not. Like i said it was my rest day but i did cardio by swimming laps at the pool. Surprisingly i wasn't tired but just sick of swimming if you know what i mean. Recreate gives you a good pump randomly through the day! Few minutes ago I just picked up some dumbbells and worked on my biceps just so that i can utilize this pump. I usually take a nap throughout the day, but i didn't today. No jitters... No nasty ****s! I hope my sleep isn't affected by the supp.

  3. good to see it being put to use! im getting my recreate on monday. cant wait. also cut all the carbs out at dinner( except for complex carbs i.e spinach, greens....). and just eat around 2000 calories a day with lots of cardio and sleep and you should be great. make sure to get on that tredmill for an hour and burn 400+ kcals. good luck to you! and i really hope you reach your goal!

  4. thanks light for the tip. Goodluck to you!

  5. Quick question for anyone that might know. I have these tingly feeling on the tip of my fingers and sometimes on my legs. To describe its feeling, it seems like my fingers are going to fall asleep but it just stays at this state. This feeling happens to come after one days dose so i think it might recreate, not so sure?

  6. all i got to say is a friend doesnt let a friend take muscletech hahaha


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