MST Shred XS Hardcore + Codrygen VO2

  1. MST Shred XS Hardcore + Codrygen VO2

    Sorry for the delay in the log but over the past couple of weeks we were purchasing and moving into a new house. Everything we owned was packed in boxes and working out and logging by necessity had to take a back seat to the myriad of other more pressing concerns. Now we are settling in, the boxes are mostly unpacked, we have groceries in the fridge and life in returning to normalcy. Let the new log begin.

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    Height - 6'3"
    Weight - Currently 220 (give or take a couple of pounds either way)
    Bodyfat - 16.5% as measured by digital calipers.

    Left Arm - 14" unflexed, 16.25" flexed
    Right Arm - 14" unflexed, 16.25" flexed

    Left Calve - 15.75"
    Right Calve - 16"

    Waist - 36" across belly button
    Chest - 42" across nipples.

    Pictures will be posted as soon as I can locate my memory stick reader.

    Workout Schedule
    Monday (Chest and Back)
    Tuesday (Legs and Shoulders)

    Wednesday (Basketball league)

    Thursday (Chest and Back)
    Friday - Off
    Saturday - Legs and Shoulders)

    Cardio Scehdule
    I have recently started running about 4 days a week for just a couple of miles. There is no set schedule for days that I run but I do not go running on Wednesday because of my BBall league.

    Goals for this log
    Since my surgery I have been trying to regain the weight that I had lost and I am almost back to my presurgery weight, but in the process I have put on a bit more bodyfat than I wanted to. Over the course of this log I want to increase the amount of cardio I perform, reduce my eating a bit, and if all goes well I will shed some bodyfat while maintaining my muscle mass. I guess I am trying to recomp a bit over this log rather than a pure cutting log as I personally feel that the bulking and cutting engaged in by bodybuilders is not really very healthy for the body. Slow gradual cahnge seems to produce more beneficial and long lasting gains.

  3. Glad you're all moved in and settled, and I am subbed in and ready to partay!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete
  4. Workout 1 (Sunday 7-06-08)


    265 x10
    275 x 10
    295 x 10 x 4 partial reps

    Feet Forward Smith Squats

    135 x 10
    155 x 10
    175 x 8 + 4 partials

    Leg Extensions
    130 x 15
    145 x 10
    145 x 10 + 3 partials

    Dumbbell Upright Rows
    40's x 9
    40's x 9 + 3 partials

    Hammer Shoulder Press

    110 x 10
    110 x 10 + 3 partials


    My first day using both products and I was very pleased with them. I dosed Shred XS at 2 pills and Cordygen at 4 pills about 45 minutes preworkout. I was not feeling much of anything at first but about 20 minutes into my workout I had a very pleasant rush of energy and a solid mood lift. I need to alter my consumption of these to get the timing just right because once they kicked in I had a stellar workout. Starting my workout I was quite lethargic due to the constant stress of moving, not knowing where anything is located, boxes still lying around, and I got trashed Friday night and this old body does not recover like ti used to.

    Shred provided a great boost and cordygen provided some needed endurance because I was just smoked when I entered the gym. It is too early to gather much from these products but my initial impression of Shred is quite favorable and whether Cordygen was partially responsible or not will have to be experimented with.

  5. looking forward to seeing what you come up with about these products
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  6. Workout 2 (Tuesday 7-07-08)

    Upper Body

    Lat Pull Downs
    190 x 9 + 3 partial reps
    190 x 9 + 3 Partial Reps

    Machine Chest Press

    160 x 10
    175 x 8
    175 x 8 + 4 partial reps

    Machine Seated Rows
    175 x 10
    175 x 10
    195 x 10 + 3 partial reps

    Close Grip Bench Press
    135 x 15
    155 x 10

    Machine Incline Bench Press
    150 x 10
    150 x 10 + 3 partials

    Cardio - 20 minutes of light running.

    Thoughts - Shred is excellent in regards to energy levels and mood boost. The effects seem to last for about 3-4 hours and is very smooth. I have noticed a substantial crash though after about 5 hours where I feel dead tired and just want a nap. This could be due to other factors so it will be something I will be watching more closely. Cardio was light but very easy, I think that Cordygen VO2 + Shred have a nice synergy together in terms of mood elevation possibly due to increased oxygen which makes your brain happy.
  7. Wednesday Cardio 6-09-08

    My cardio consisted of jumping rope, alternating with jumping jacks, alternating with box jumps, and then at the end I added some interval sprints. I definitely noticed a difference not so much in performance but in my recovery between my sets. Most impressive was that no matter how hard I tried I could not get my lungs to burn. I kept trying to up the intensity, whether jumping rope faster, sprinting further than normal, it made no difference, my muscles kept giving out before my lungs started burning.

    Observation about Shred. Very good appetite suppression when I am taking it, but when the effects wear off I become ravenously hungry and I have been craving junk food which I have not had any desire for over the past several months. I had fast food twice this week and I can not remember the last time I had fast food before this. It is setting off some weird craving signals in my brain.

  8. I get those same feelings of wanting to eat everything in a village when the effects wear off...but it's never made me crave sweets over anything else. Thats different!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete
  9. Friday 7-11-08


    Warm Ups
    Leg Press
    6 sets x 15 reps x 250 lbs.

    Machine Squats

    315 x 12
    365 x 8
    365 x 9

    Calf Raises
    95 x 20 x 3 sets

    Feet Forward Smith Squats
    155 x 10
    175 x 8
    175 x 8 + partial reps

    Dumbbell Upright Rows
    30's x 10
    40's x 10
    40's x 10

    Dumbbell Lateral Raises

    25's x 12
    25's x 12
    25's x 12

    Thoughts - Shred is still providing great energy and focus but the crash for me at least has been pretty bad. I have been almost forced to take afternoon naps when it wears off as I feel so spent afterwards. Cordygen dosed at 6 pills along with the Shred provides a great, almost euphoric mood boost.


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