Jjohn gets chiseled with Adrenalean!

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  1. Napalm will be with you on Tuesday Should help you in addition to AL.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Napalm will be with you on Tuesday Should help you in addition to AL.

  3. DAY 20

    Allright time for an update. Everything has been very good so far. Excellent I should say. Cardio has been good, and I never missed 1 session so far. Diet has been top notch, but I drank a few diet pepped lemonade (mmmmmm). I now feel bloated it's insane lol. But I stop today and in 10 days all that air should be out and I shall be ripped for the end of this log! (Well not too ripped, since I don't wanna peak too early) The show is November 1st and I just can't wait!!!!!

    I just added 1 RPM and 1 DRIVE to the mix, just because I thought I could a little icariin to try to help me with anticatabolism.

  4. DAY 21

    Did some terrific cardio yesterday! I was sweating like no tomorrow!! I walked at 3.7 MPH on a 15 incline for 30 minutes. That's about 400 calories!!! (probably a lot more counting the recovery needed for this )

    I'm feeling top notch today!! Everything is going quite well!

  5. DAY 27

    Here we go for an update. Diet has been really good. I added White Flood to my arsenal and must say it's been treating me vey well so far. I am up to 3 caps 2 times a day now, and I am taking a few days off just so that I will be able to use less to get the desired effects. I seem to be getting leaner and leaner. I will be ready for the show!

  6. Log looks great, glad you've been enjoying the adrenalean too.

  7. JJohn where o where did u go?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by FlawedGrunt View Post
    JJohn where o where did u go?
    I'm still here! I just am taking a little break off stims since I have 12 more weeks to go

  9. any update on final numbers from Adrenalean?

  10. Not done with it yet I'm taking a little break

  11. But I am 185 right now if this is what you are looking for.

  12. Nice I just started my log

  13. August 6th

    Just a few pics to give you guys an idea. I am leaning down pretty well so far. 11 weeks out

  14. Thumbs up

    Looking real lean! Things are coming along nicely..
    Craze™ is NOW AVAILABLE!


  15. !! Looking Great Man!
    NSCA-CSCS and CPT - Pursuing DPT Degree

  16. Thanks for the support guys!!!


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