LG Sciences Joint/Muscle Repair Observation

  1. LG Sciences Joint/Muscle Repair Observation

    Want to send a thanks to the guys at LG for sending me a bottle of their new, yet to be released, Joint/Muscle repair product. Since this isn't the typical product most will add into stacks or the like (but if its quality, should be, since I know we all have those nagging aches and pains than can inhibit productive training) this will be updated based on my thoughts instead of daily use and so on.

    So why am I using this product?
    1) I have two bad knees (have ever since I was a young kid, put a lot of stress on them through sports and being a bit heavy). Knee pain isn't chronic and tends to flare up after intense basketball games, so my test will be to see if it alleviates it after or keeps it at bay.

    2) A left quad micro tear/heavy strain. I was recently training for a half marathon run for cancer (10 miles) so I had been doing very strenuous distance runs (8-12 miles). My left quad really felt the effects of this abrupt training change and responded by what I am assuming are either micro tears in the middle of my quad or just a bad strain. Will report how it handles.

    3) Prefacing this part with a a "I highly doubt this product will do nothing for this injury". I have a large L-5 S-1 herniated disc and 2 bulging/slightly herniated discs at L-3 and L-4. Now since the spinal cord/cavities in between vertebrae are "joints" I might as well try it out. I know it won't heal it, but I want to see if it can hep manage pain that can flair up after heavy squat days/abnormal back stress days. Since I refuse to take NSAIDs, which are the main source of relief for such a problem outside of more epidurals/surgery/traction, if this product could magane pain I would be thrilled.

    I will begin my dosing schedule this coming Friday. I will update day 1 (mostly application notes) and then feelings as I go on.

  2. if you were a horse they would have shot you ! 2 bad knee's and sore back good luck w/ the log will be following along

  3. I'd be dog food/glue by now (or whatever they use to make horses into). Actually I would be put to stud after winning the triple crown . Actually thinking of it horses have the life. Race (and if good enough) become a professional gigolo lol.

  4. I was checkn everybodys lg log and wanted to see what happened to u everything started out great,but not heard from u in while...

  5. Yea I forgot to add this up last night (passed out real early.)

    Yesterday was day 1 of the application (my back has been really getting bad latley as well). My leg has been better so no need for application at this time. So right now I am applying to my knees and back.

    I will be giving updates as I see needed/results (probably weekly to encompass all results.

  6. Well it has been 1 week since initial application. Dosing has been once a day on both knees and lower back. Since its week 1 little can be seen but I would think that is to be expected.

    As far as application I found that it was rather runny (I was hoping more for a Napalm type deal where I could rub it in, maybe an addition of a "coagulant" type thing for lack of better words could be in the mix?)

    Knees feel a bit more lubricated than prior days, but nothing massive to report. Since its a week in I feel like daily applications will have more effect and warrant more frequent updates.

    As far as my back goes, I am thinking of discontinuing application being I feel it is going to be wasted. Herniated discs, although a joint issue in some ways, won't be effected by this or any otc product.


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