I've now been using LG's joint "stuff" for about 7 days. sadly due to travel for work they aren't 7 contiguous days, it was 3 days, then a 3 day break then 4 days. I'm using it daily now, and this will be a sort of scratchpad moreso than a really strict log. i'll add thoughts and things I notice as I see them.

So far what i've seen is that it seems to work better and last longer on joint pain than muscle pain. And moreso on my joints that are painful from arthritis than ones that are painful from tendon strain. Particularly my knees, which have been an issue for the last 15 years. On the knees, I get some relief within 10-15 minutes of applying, and it lasts a good 3 hours or so. Elbows primarily get strained from things like lateral raises, and there the relief also comes fast 10-15 min, but doesn't last as long, maybe an hour or so. On muscle aches it seems to work as fast or faster, but doesn't last too long, maybe a half hour to hour.

The other thing i've really noticed so far is that it leaves almost a warm sensation, but not exactly. I guess its a feeling of blood rushing to that area.