Since I'm such a loyal customer of CL, I offered to do a log of my upcoming stack. So here goes.

My stack:
Green Bulge
White Blood
Blue UP stim version
and Sesaglow

Additional Supps:
GF Pro
TP Dante's Mix

Weight Training:


I've toyed with the idea of throughing in DCP and Leviathan Reloaded to get my weight down, not sure how that would fare with the Yohimbine in the Blue UP.

I workout in the early AM so I'll weigh myself prior to each workout. Usually workout on an empty stomach.

My diet, its whatever is in the chowhall for the day. I can eat chicken breasts and steamed veggies, but unfortunately not on a daily. So i try my best with what i got.

SO I'll log my first day tomorrow and we'll see how this goes.